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Keysight Technologies Lightwave Catalog Optical Component Test

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02 | Keysight | Lightwave Catalog 2015 | Volume I Introduction by Juergen Beck www.keysight.com/find/lightwave Keysight in Photonic Test & Measurement 2015 Let me emphasize two new product innovations, which might be of interest to you. The 81606A tunable laser source is a new module for the 8164B lightwave measurement system. It has been designed to reach a new accuracy level and to increase test efficiency by enabling faster swept-wavelength tests and lower cost of ownership. It accelerates the automated adjustment of wavelength-selective devices with sub-picometer repeatability and...

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2015 Optical Component Test - 3

03 | Keysight | Lightwave Catalog 2015 | Volume Since more than 30 years, Keysight offers high-performance solutions to support you in building the high-speed communication network. Your experience and feedback helped us to continuously improve the product per- formance and quality, while significantly reducing the cost, especially when it comes to manufacturing optical Your needs and my confidence into our quality let me now offer our products with a 3-year warranty that's standard on all instruments, worldwide. This combination of reliability and coverage brings you three key benefits:...

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2015 Optical Component Test - 4

04 | Keysight | Lightwave Catalog 2015 | Volume I 81606A Tunable Laser Source - a look inside NEW The new 81606A is the top of our tunable laser family, with a new level of performance for rapid wavelength dependent measurements. – More than 10 mW signal power with even lower spontaneous emission background – Better wavelength accuracy, repeatability and resolution at all sweep speeds – Faster maximum sweep speed and shorter acceleration zones at sweep endpoints – Bidirectional measurement sweeps For results in practice, this brings: – The widest dynamic range for measuring the spectral...

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2015 Optical Component Test - 5

05 | Keysight | Lightwave Catalog 2015 | Volume 81606A Tunable Laser Source - a look inside Our innovative technology is supported by the mature experience and continuous research in our calibration and test procedures which allow a statistically solid and traceable basis for confidence Keysight 81606A - Designed for Best Accuracy While static wavelength accuracy can be verified with a wave- length meter, that isn't enough to confirm the dynamic accu- racy during a sweep. As an illustration of the dynamic accuracy achieved by the laser with its internal reference unit, these figures show...

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2015 Optical Component Test - 6

06 | Keysight | Lightwave Catalog 2015 | Volume I Applications Swept-Wavelength Optical Measurement Solutions www.keysight.com/find/oct Swept-wavelength measurement solutions Tunable laser instruments are used for spectral measurements of optical components and materials. The wavelength dependence is rapidly determined with selectable and very high wavelength resolution. The measurement systems can be flexibly configured to match the requirements of the application. Here we suggest some examples. When insertion loss is low at some wavelengths and very high at others (high dynamic), like in...

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2015 Optical Component Test - 7

07 | Keysight | Lightwave Catalog 2015 | Volume I Applications Optical Transient Measurements www.keysight.com/find/mppm Making transient optical power measurements with the N77-Series multiport optical power meter Measuring optical power level changes, to determine fiberoptic switching times or to observe transient fluctuations from fiber movement or network reconfiguration, goes beyond the design of most fiberoptic power meters. These instruments are generally designed for calibrated determination of optical power levels that are constant or change in synchronization with other...

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2015 Optical Component Test - 8

08 | Keysight | Lightwave Catalog 2015 | Volume I Applications Wavelength and polarization characterization of optical-to-electrical components www.keysight.com/find/n7700 From the swept-wavelength measurement of the input optical power and the output diode current, the responsivity spectra are calculated as the average vs. state of polarization. The maximum and minimum responsivity vs. SOP are also determined, which is especially useful for polarizing components like ICR for polarization. multiplexed signals. The polarization dependence is also displayed as PDL and the TE/TM traces are...

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2015 Optical Component Test - 9

09 | Keysight | Lightwave Catalog 2015 | Volume I Applications All-states method for PDL and PER www.keysight.com/find/pol All-states method for PDL and PER The all-states PDL method for measuring polarization dependent loss by scanning the polarization of light input to the DUT over a large sampling of all possible states is a good way to measure components with little wavelength dependence, so that the wavelength can be fixed during the scanning. Fiberoptic couplers, splitters and isolators are typical components to test this way. Tests of polarization beam splitters and other devices...

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2015 Optical Component Test - 10

10 | Keysight | Lightwave Catalog 2015 | Volume I Keysight N7700A Photonic Application Suite www.keysight.com/find/n7700 The N7700A Photonic application suite – Display and overlay of traces from multiple channels and – – – – – multiple measurement iles Scale switching between wavelength and frequency Display of tabular analysis Smoothing, markers and zooming File loading, saving and data export Direct launching of Excel and Matlab with data Insertion loss The Insertion Loss measurement package performs very accurate swept- wavelength insertion loss measurements using one of Keysight’s...

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2015 Optical Component Test - 11

11 | Keysight | Lightwave Catalog 2015 | Volume I Keysight 81600B Tunable Laser Modules www.keysight.com/find/tls Complete wavelength coverage from 1260 to 1640 nm Low SSE output for high dynamic range Built-in wavelength meter for high wavelength accuracy Sweep speeds up to 80 nm/s to reduce test times No compromise of measurement accuracy for sweep speed Single-Box Test solution for swept wavelength characterization Broad wavelength coverage Keysight offers tunable lasers for the complete wavelength range of standard single mode fiber, from 1260 nm to 1650 nm. The 81600B models cover...

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