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© Photo by Fred Charles | 24-ton lifting project "Solid Sky" by Alicja Kwade | 550 Madison Avenue, New York

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NEW cromox® LIFTING PRODUCTS NEW cromox® HOIST CCH – 200, Grade 60 cromox® HOIST-TROLLEY CHT, Grade 60 cromox® SWIVEL LIFTING POINTS CDAW, Grade 60 ® lifting/lowering loads in corrosive en ironments as a stand-alone unit v ® 100% non-corrosive ® NEW: higher load capacity + advanced, patented sealing system ® mobile trolley for trusses – use in combination with hoist ® made of premium-quality stainless steels = 100% non-corrosive ® connection combination ® numerous connection options for maximum flexibility ® higher load ranges + combinable with different hooks ® lifting gear for...

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cromox® product range is the premium brand from Ketten Wälder GmbH and includes a wide variety of stainless products. The range can be divided into LIFTING, NAUTIC, CUSTOM, PLAY and TRADING segments. cromox® products are used in areas of application, wherever the highest demands are placed on the material. NEW For more detailed information on the cromox® LIFTING product portfolio, please visit us @: cromox® CHAIN SLINGS, Mechanically Assembled System with Shortener CVK cromox® WELD-ON HOOK CSHF, Grade 60 cromox® SELF-LOCKING EYE HOOKS QOSL, Grade 80 cromox® CHAIN QK, Grade 80 ® lifting...

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cromox® – Stainless Steel Chains and Components Chain Technology – Made in Germany With more than 70 years of technological knowledge and market experience, we offer you a wide product portfolio in the segments of LIFTING, NAUTIC, CUSTOM, PLAY and TRADING. As one of the leading manufacturers of inox anchor chains, sling chains and components for lifting loads, we are particularly proud of the excellent durability of our stainless chains. The selection of the highest quality materials, guaranteed by our Lloyds Register-certified laboratory, makes a significant contribution to the company‘s...

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