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HypoX® On-site Mix Oxidant Generator

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\^we\come, Kemisan® have been developing and manufacturing electrolysis technology since 1 976 in izmir, Turkey. With the experience of 40 years in Chlor-Alkali and Electrochemistry, Today Kemisan® introduces solutions that enables to produce chlorine based advanced disinfectants only from Salt and Electricity where you need it. Kemisan® missions to improve following 5 criteria in every new product launch as; • Effective Chlorination • Economical Chlorination • Safer Chlorination • Greener Chlorination • Reliable Chlorination "The endless possibilities of electrolysis technology is the only...

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Meet with'.our On-site Production DisinfectionSolutions... HypoX® New Way of Chlorination On-site Hypo-Oxidant Generation HypoX® is a Mix Oxidant Generator as we can also say the next generation of Clorel®. The chemical synergy of Fresh and Mix Oxidants on besides hypochlorite opens another era in disinfection & oxidation results. The speed and power of HypoX® guarantees to solve important problems like Biofilm, Odor, Legionella, and other Strong Pathogens. High disinfection performance of HypoX® makes it an effective, economic, green and safe alternative mainly to chlorine and other...

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is HypoX? Understanding the basics of HypoX® its Technology A Disinfection Solution HypoX® is an advance disinfection solution for water and surface applications. HypoX® is replacing Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide and eliminating the need for Ozone and UV mainly due to economy, effectivity and safety. An Oxidation Solution HypoX® is an advance oxidation solution for removing Iron, Manganese and Arsenic in various water treatment requirements. HypoX® is also decreasing or eliminating chemicals in pre-treatment stages for oxidation purposes.

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An Electrolyzer ypochlorite + Oxidants HypoX® technology is based on an electrolysis process of Salt (NaCI), Water (H20) and electric power. Ion exchange process between special HypoX® Anodes and Cathodes enables to produce an advance disinfectant from salt & water by electric power. HypoX® is taken its name from its mixture of Hypochlorite + Oxidants. The electrolysis combination of Sodium(Na), Chlorine(CI), Hydrogen(H) and Oxygen(O), which is coming from Salt (NaCI) and Water (H20) outcomes such as Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCI), Hydrogen Peroxide(H202), Hypochlorous Acid(HOCI), Ozone(03),...

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it works Understanding the system logic and main sections of HypoX® electrolysis process BRINE TANK WATER SOFTENER 8 Please see FAQ in last two pages to understand why we soften the inlet water.

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1. We feed raw water into water softener system 2. Softened water mixes with salt in saturation tank to make brine solution 3. Prepared brine flows in to electrolysis cells after mixing with portion of softened water 4. Electrolysis process starts between Anodes & Cathodes by the electric power coming from rectifier 5. Produced HypoX® goes to product tank and waits for dosing 6. Electrolysis starts and stops automatically according to tank level 7. The hydrogen occurs in electrolysis process safely dilutes and ventilates to atmosphere with the air feed

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See Why HypoX is a 5 Star Solution for Disinfection and Oxidantion Requirements 5 Star Disinfection HypoX® brings a 5 Star solution to your disinfection & oxidation requirements. It is now possible to have an Effective, Economical, Safe, Green and Reliable solution at the same time! How many stars you have7 Compare your current disinfection solution with five (5) HypoX® criteria and ask the question: How many stars you have now in your current disinfection7 Invest for 5 Star Disinfection..! Stop buying chemicals for your disinfection and invest on HypoX® for once. HypoX® will pay back its...

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Effective_ HypoX® is one of the fastest disinfectant on Earth that have residual capability. The chemical synergy of fresh produced Hypochlorite + Mix Oxidants opens another era in disinfection solutions. Economical HypoX® consumes only SALT + ELECTRICITY + WATER. A huge economy and short return of investment when compared with chemical purchases makes HypoX® a profitable investment in disinfection & oxidation requirements. Safe HypoX® is a liquid under 1 % concentration and 8,5 - 9,5 pH value, which is out of all safety requirements of EPA and WHO. You can now stop the safety requirements...

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Effective Fresh is Fast FlypoX® is a Fresh product because HypoX® produce where consuming is. Onsite generation is the only way that allow us to have electrochemically activated fresh oxidants, which is able to inactivate many pathogens less than 5 min. ratherthan 30 min. like chlorination. Unique Mixture Different electrolysis cell designs give different results from same water and salt. Kemisan® R&D department constantly studies for better disinfection results with unique electrode de- sign and coatings to have better disinfection results from the same salt and water ions. Kills All Kind...

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mproved Flocculation Tastes & Smells Better HypoX® improves the coagulation and flocculation efficiency much more than Chlorine. The oxidation power of fresh HypoX® notably reduces the coagulant consumption. "Chloramines" or also called "Combined Chlorine" is one of the main reason of bad taste & odor in water, when chlorine react with Ammonium of organics. Phenols in water also has the similar chemistry that occurs Chlorophenols when react with chlorine. High oxidation capability of HypoX® enables to pass the Chloramine and Chlorophenol steps quickly in water chemistry. That is the reason...

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Economic Chemicals are expensive HypoX® only consumes salt, electricity and water. The operation of HypoX® is much lower than buying disinfection chemicals, so it has a short return of investment. Compare with other Generators HypoX® Electrolysis design is consuming 3 kg of Salt (NaCI) and 4,0 kW* of Electricity per 1 kg of CI2 based Hypo - Oxidant production. Concentration Loss & Left Over Chemicals Companies lost huge amounts from concentration loss of Sodium Hypochlorite as well as left over gas chlorine in used tanks. On the other hand, HypoX® only produces as much as required and...

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