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Capacitive Pressure Transmitter from 1 mbar full range* The Series 41 X combines the ceramic measurement cell for low pressure ranges with the µP e ­ lectronics of the digital Series 30 transmitter. The pressure values from the signals of the pressure and temperature sensors are determined by polynomial compensation (see reverse). The values can be displayed and stored on a PC via an RS485 interface and programming can also be carried out. The transmitters are calibrated to the base range. The PROG30 software permits programming of the analog output signal in each section of the range within the base range (e.g. range 100 mbar. Output 4…20 mA for 20…60 mbar). With KELLER RS converters K-100 Series, up to 128 transmitters can be hooked together into a bus system and read by means of a PC or laptop. READ30 software allows the current pressure of each transmitter to be read or the pressure activity of several transmitters to be recorded or stored whilst “on line”. This pressure transmitter is also available as intrinsically safe version (Series 41 X Ei). It is used in explosion exposed areas, where the categories 1 and 2 are required. *by splitting the 10 mbar range Electrical Connections

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KELLER Specifications All intermediate ranges for the analog output are reali­ a­ le z b with no surcharge by spreading the standard ranges. ** Option: Adjustment directly to intermediate ranges (below 20 pieces against surcharge). For higher pressure ranges and for “wet/wet”-differential applications, KELLER offers Series 33 X resp. Series 39 X. Standard FS Pressure Ranges PR-41 X (relative) PD-41 X (diff.) Overpressure Neg. Overpressure Analog Output (scaleable) ** Note that the error band will then increase proportionally * Within the compensated temperature range Operating Temperature...

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