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Series 36 XKY - 1

Level Transmitters with Kynar®-Diaphragm Series 36 XKYfor sewage applications / non-fouling |n+Voc Specifically designed for extended service in sewage lift station environments, the 36 XKY by KELLER features a relatively wide sensing diaphragm yet small overall size. The 36 XKY incorporates a monolithic diaphragm formed from Kynar®, which combines the non-stick quality of Teflon with superior toughness and abrasion resistance that simplify installation and eliminate the need for bulky and expensive protective cages. The 36XKY utilizes proven piezoresistive silicon measurement technology combined with Keller's state-of-the-art, microprocessor-based signal conditioning circuitry to provide outstanding accuracy and reliability over a wide compensated temperature range. It is perfectly suited for pump control applications that require standard 2-wire (4...20 mA current loop) or 3-wire (0.10 V) output transmitters. The RS485 interface allows users to scale the analog output to any desired range within the standard pressure range. The 36 XKY is typically suspended into the liquid by a standard Hytrel®-jacketed cable that is both self-supporting and vented. Optional: Keller's enhanced lightning protection makes this trans-mitter ideal for installation in areas prone to chronic damage due to transients caused by lightning. Using the Keller CCS30 software and appropriate adapter cable, the user can scale the analog output of the 36 XKY, display and record pressure and temperature readings, and access a variety of other available functions. All of the available functions are defined in the Series 30 Communications Protocol. The CCS30 and Series 30 Communications Protocol are available free of charge from the company website. Product Benefits: - Non-fouling diaphragm design - Housing resist chemical attack (AISI 316L) - Serial interface RS485 - Rangeable analog output - Mathematically compensated Electrical Connections KELLER Ges. fur Druckmesstechnik DE-79798 Jestetten +49 7745 9214 0 H Edition 10/2017 Subject to alterations Companies approved to ISO 9001

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Series 36 XKY - 2

Standard Pressure Ranges (FS) All intermidiate ranges for the analog output are realized by downscaling from the next higher standard range. The accuracy is calculated from the standard range. Ranges below 1 bar are realized with the 1 bar range. Accuracy for these ranges is +/- 5 mbar (0.. 50 °C). 11 During RS485 communication the analog signal will be influenced. 2) With no load on the analog output and no RS485 communication. For RS485 current consumption see details below. 3) Includes linearity (BFSL), hysteresis and repeatability 4) Includes accuracy as well as temperature coefficients...

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