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High-precision pressure level transmitter Series 36 Xi W (CTD)multi-parameter probe with digital interfaces Modbus RTU SDI-12 The 36 Xi W series is built on the latest-generation microcontroller platform, which KELLER has developed to meet extremely high precision requirements and increase compatibility with a wide variety of interfaces. Along with pressure (level) information, digital interfaces also transmit other water parameters such as temperature and conductivity. RS485 Robust interface with differential gauges, for lines up to 1,4 km in length. Mod bus RTU and proprietary KELLER bus protocol SDI-12 Standard interface for environmental monitoring, ideal for battery operation The 36 Xi W series is based on the proven KELLER 36 X W series using the high-quality 10 L-series pressure transducer. All series X pressure level transmitters feature an RS485 interface, which provide pressure and temperature standard, while versions requiring higher accura-ty, temperature or conductivity sensor are available options. Multi-parameter probes fitted with pressure, temperature and conductivity sensors (CTD - conductivity, temperature, depth), are approximately 90 mm longer. Pressure sensor: accuracy 0,02 %FS Temperature sensor: accuracy 0,5 °C or 0,1 °C Pressure sensor: accuracy 0,02 %FS Temperature sensor: accuracy 0,1 °C Conductivity sensor: accuracy 2,5% of the selected measuring range 4 ranges: Both versions can be supplied configured for absolute pressure (measured relative to a vacuum ^ PAA) or relative pressure (fitted with capillary tubes for measuring relative to atmospheric pressure ^ PR). Characteristics • Pressure sensor: resolution 5 ppm • Mathematical compensation of nonlinearities and temperature dependencies • Sturdy stainless steel housing (titanium or Hastelloy also available) • Extended lightning protection fitted to the SDI-12 interface as standard • Level measuring ranges from 0...3 to 0...300 mH2O. Higher ranges are possible using a SubConn® connector • Ultra-high long-term stability C€ KELLER AG fur Druckmesstechnik CH-8404 Winterthur +41 52 235 25 25 H KELLER Ges. fur Druckmesstechnik DE-79798 Jestetten +49 7745 9214 0 E Edition 11/2018 Subject to alterations Companies approved to ISO 9001 fa*

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Series 36 Xi W (CTD) - 2

Advanced commands: Level transmitter +VCC GND RS485A RS485B SDI-12 Level transmitter +VCC GND RS485A RS485B SDI-12 Power supply +VCC GND RS485 data capture RS485A RS485B GND SDI-12 data capture SDI-12 GND RS485 Modbus RTU / KELLER bus protocol The extremely robust RS485 interface enables a bus system to be created with up to 128 users and a total line length of up to 1,4 km. The baud rate of the half-duplex interface can be switched between 9600 and 115’200. The proprietary KELLER bus protocol and the Modbus RTU protocol are already implemented, allowing the measured values to be read off...

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Series 36 Xi W (CTD) - 3

1) Pressure range buffer: pressures can be measured at up to 10% outside the pressure range either way, in which case “+Inf” or “-Inf”, as appropriate, will be displayed. 2) Subconn® connectors increase the pressure range to above 30 bar Pressure ranges > 21 bar are only possible without a conductivity sensor. 3) Linearity (best straight line), hysteresis and repeatability. 4) Accuracy and temperature error within the compensated temperature range. Electrical data Digital interface Mechanical data 5) Outside the compensated temperature range up to the limits of the operating temperature...

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