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Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors for absolute-, gauge- and differential pressure The pressure sensors Series 2, 3 and 4 are suited for direct-mounting on printed circuit boards. The pressure sensor is a piezoresistive measuring cell consisting of a glass back plate and the silicon chip with the diffused resistor bridge. The cell is mounted on a glass feed through and packaged in a housing for easy pressure connection. The high, stable and reliable output signal of the sensor can easily be conditioned with standard amplifiers. All sensors are tested for temperature, stability and linearity and are delivered with an individual calibration sheet. Series 2 The medium is acting directly on the silicon chip and comes into contact with the strain gauges of the Wheatstone bridge. Application in dry air only. Series 3 The sensor is mounted in an aluminium housing. Housing and sensor are protected by a thin (7 µm) parylene layer. This layer grants full protection in applications where condensation may occur. Continuous water exposure is not recommended. The average time of water resistance of the parylene layer is 6 months. Series 4 The medium acts on the rear side of the silicon chip. The pressure medium may be wet. Applications in gas, water and non-agressive fluids with benign reference atmosphere. Ideal for negative pressure measurements. Typical Applications Barometric, deltagliders, small airplanes, meteorology, pneumatic control instruments, robotic, sanitary and pharmaceutical gases, air conditioning. - Rugged, small in size and in price - High sensitivity and resolution (10 cm air column resolution) Electrical Connections Marking Point Series 2 KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik CH-8404 Winterthur +41 52 235 25 25 KELLER Ges. für Druckmesstechnik mbH D-79798 Jestetten +49 7745 9214 0 Edition 04/2008 Subject to alterations Companies approved to ISO 9001

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Sensors Series 2 and Series 4 - 2

□ KELLER Specifications General Characteristics: Excitation I = 1 mA constant current PR-PAA-PD PR-PAA-PA-PD PAA: Absolute, Zero at vacuum PA: Absolute, Zero at ambient (sealed gauge) PR: Gauge PD: Differential Ranges, Overpressure, Output Signal (FS) Pressure Ranges (FS) bar Overpressure bar Output Signal, typ. (Series 2/3) mV Output Signal, typ. (Series 4) mV Electrical Characteristics (at 25 °C) Bridge Resistance O 3500 Constant Current Excitation (1) mA 1 Mechanical Characteristics Operating Temperature Compens. Temp. Range (2) Storage...

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