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PlEZORESISTIVE LOW COST PRESSURE SENSOR ABSOLUTE PRESSURE The TAB 1 pressure measuring cells are designed to measure absolute pressures. They are offered in two different version: Version 1 to be soldered on a glass feed through and welded in an oil filled housing as for industrial transmitters. Version 2 can be soldered directly on printed circuit boards of instruments as for the measurement of depths or altitude, where the surrounding pressure is measured. TAB (Tape Automated Bonding) is a special process for contacting the diffused resistors on the chip. The resistor aluminum contacts are provided with 0,1 mm thick gold bumps. The pretinned ends of the copper strips on the flexible circuit material are soldered to the these goldbumps. Each contact is able to withstand a force of more than 1 Newton. TAB bonded cells withstand extreme conditions in shock or vibration. TAB bonded cells may be surrounded by high viscosity gels or mouldings in water depth instruments without danger of contact braking as with wire bonded cell. Constant Supply mA 4 nominal Material of Flexible Circuit Polyamide Temperature Error Long Term Stability typ. mV 2 (1) ncluding linearity, hysteresis and repeatability. Linearity calculated as best straight line through zero Note: To be sure that the sensors reach the Offset and Temperature Error performance, the sensor must be tested and the compensation resistors may have to be added. KELLER AG fur Druckmesstechnik St. Gallerstrasse 119 KELLER Gesellschaft fur Druckmesstechnik mbH Schwarzwaldstrasse 1 7

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