Piezoresistive Pressure Transmitter Series 21 C


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Piezo-Resistive Pressure Transmitter for industrial applications, ratiometric output Technology The C-series transmitters are noted for their ability to deliver high accuracy over a wide temperature range. This is achieved by means of mathematical modelling of the sensor characteristics and digital compensation. In order to do this, each transmitter is gauged over pressure and temperature, programmed and checked after calibration in the same test set-up. The modular design of the Series 21 C and the extensive vertical range of in-house manufacture provide a high degree of flexibility. The company can quickly adapt to customer requests, even with large production batches. The extensive standard range of connectors and pressure connections means that a CIO measuring cell (Chip-in-Oil) can be quickly welded in from stock if small numbers are involved, and then calibrated to the required temperature range. RoHS conformity and comprehensive EMC protection are a matter of course, therefore qualifying the Series 21 C for use in industrial areas. Performance features - Hermetically sealed electronics, extremely compact design - No internal seals, all made from AISI 316L steel in media contact, IP67 - Extremely accurate, wide temperature range, outstanding long-term stability, no pressure hysteresis - Ratiometric signal output, 5 V supply voltage, 24 V overvoltage and polarity reversal protection - Low cost Typical usage areas Cooling and air conditioning systems, pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems, compressors, mechanical engineering, ventilation systems, pump systems etc. Pressure connections and electrical connections can be combined without limitation. 7/16”-20UNF ø9 Pressure connections Electrical connections Packard Metri-Pack connector suitable for cable socket 12065286 GND Cable white: +OUT KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik CH-8404 Winterthur +41 52 235 25 25 info@keller-druck.com brown: +VCC KELLER Ges. für Druckmesstechnik mbH D-79798 Jestetten +49 7745 9214 0 eurocenter@keller-druck.com Industrial standard connector 9,4 mm contact distance GND 1 +Vcc Edition 11/2015 Subject to alterations Companies approved to ISO 9001 w

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Piezoresistive Pressure Transmitter Series 21 C - 2

Specifications Pressure ranges (all intermediate ranges possible) PR-21 C PA-21 C / PAA-21 C Overpressure PR: Vented Gauge. Zero at atmospheric pressure PA: Sealed Gauge. Zero at 1000 mbar abs. PAA: Absolute. Zero at vacuum * Measuring range > 600 bar only suited for static applications Total Error Band 2) Linearity (best fitted straight line) + hysteresis + repeatability Accuracy + temperature coefficients + zero + span tolerance Storage-/Operating Temperature Signal Output Supply Reverse Polarity and Overvoltage Protection Power Consumption Load Resistance Sampling Rate / Bandwidth Rise...

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