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Piezoresistive OEM Pressure Transducers absolute- and gauge pressure The Series 7S / 9S is the latest development in media isolated piezoresistive silicon chip p ­ ressure transducers. The new low mass one-piece housing is smaller with a brazed stainless steel diaphragm giving excellent long-term stability combined with easy installation. The Series 7S / 9S can be installed into a housing using an O-ring seal, or it can be welded. Welding should only be made to the flange at the rear of the transducer. Performance specifications will remain unaffected by the proper installation. The O-ring seal may be fitted directly below the flange, or as a peripheral seal at the front face of the transducer. The rear flange can be modified or machined off completely where space is important. Series 9 S (< 50 bar) The thin flange and outer capsule wall ensure that mechanical mounting stresses are not transmitted into the measuring cell. The structure also has good thermal conductance and the sensor closely tracks the process media temperature. The Series 7 S / 9 S transducers are constructed from 316L stainless steel, using a high temperature hydrogen brazing technique; the brazed 316L diaphragms are highly resistant to corrosion. The diaphragm of the Series 9 FL is laser welded with the housing. Electrical c ­ onnection is made via a five-pin header. Leadout wires, or a PCB, can be soldered directly to the header pins. Series 7SE / 9SE versions are supplied with PCB fitted. Every pressure transducer is subjected to comprehensive tests for pressure and temperature characteristics, and is delivered with an individual calibration certificate. Special testing is available on request from the customer. Typical applications are heating pumps, autoclaves and dialysers. Other applications include measurement of altitude, avionics, meteorology, servo controls, robotics, hydraulics, hygienic and pharmaceutical engineering, drift mining, injectors, and many more. KELLER Ges. für Druckmesstechnik mbH DE-79798 Jestetten +49 7745 9214 0 eurocenter@keller-druck.com KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik CH-8404 Winterthur +41 52 235 25 25 info@keller-druck.com Edition 06/2016 Subject to alterations Companies approved to ISO 9001 www.keller-druck.com thick flange (

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OEM Pressure Transducers Series 7 S / 9 S / 9 FL - 2

□ KELLER PR-7 S / 9 S (7 S: only from 5 bar) PA/PAA/PR 9 FL (thin flange) PA-7 S / 9 S (7 S: only from 5 bar) Signal Output typ. * @ 1 mA Overpressure Standard Pressure Ranges (FS) bar bar bar bar 50 100 200 bar PR: Vented Gauge PAA: Absolute. Zero at vacuum PA: Sealed Gauge. Zero at atmospheric pressure (at calibration day) * ± 40% Bridge Resistance @ 25 °C Constant Current Supply Insulation @ 500 VDC Storage-/Operating Temperature Compensated Range Vibration (20 to 5'000 Hz) Endurance @ 25 °C Housing and Diaphragm Brazing Material (7 S / 9 S) Oil Filling Weight Dead Volume...

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