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Digital Manometers and Display Units

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Digital manometers and display units

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Good reasons for digital piezoresistive manometers ✔ ✔ Maximum class accuracy and repeatability No material fatigue in the measuring element – Keyword: Long-term stability No plastic deformation in the measuring element – Keyword: Pressure Robust housing, Protection class IP65…66 No recalibration required after external damage Can be recalibrated with software Zeroing at the touch of a button No reading errors High reading accuracy Selectable measurement units Backlighting possible Electrical interfaces possible Temperature display possible Signal analyses such as min./max. possible...

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ATEX / IECEx The ATEX directives apply in the EU and require the use of products that are suitable for explosion-proof areas. ATEX: Europe IECEx: Worldwide KELLER produces intrinsically safe manometers with ATEX a ­pproval. The LEO Record Ei and LEX 1 Ei also have IECEx ­approval. IMPORTANT: The intrinsically safe manometers must only be connected to the interfaces outside of the explosive areas. Customer-specific solutions Pressure display for paint spray gun (dV-1 module) Pressure display with integrated calculation of the shot countdown for competition air pistols (dV-1 module). dV-2 in...

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Digital manometers – versatile Pressure ranges -1…3 / 10 / 30 bar rel. 0…100 / 300 / 700 / 1000 bar; 0…4 / 11 / 31 bar abs. Accuracy class 0.025 %FS Total error band (0…50 °C) 0.05 %FS Precision of 0.01 %FS optionally available Piezoresistive measuring cell w Pressure ranges -1…2 / 10 / 20 bar rel.; 0…100 / 200 / 400 / 700 / 1000 bar; 0…3 / 11 / 21 bar abs. w Accuracy class 0.025 %FS Total error band (0…50 °C) 0.05 %FS w Precision of 0.01 %FS optionally available w Resolution up to 100 μbar Capacitive measuring cell w Pressure ranges 0…30, 100, 300 mbar rel. w Accuracy class 0.1 %FS Total...

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Digital manometers – compact w Pressure ranges 0…4 / 11 / 31 bar abs.; 0…300 / 700 bar w Accuracy class 0.1 %FS Total error band (0…50 °C) 0.2 %FS w Pressure ranges 0…31 bar abs.; 0…300 bar w Accuracy class 0.5 %FS Total error band (0…50 °C) 1 %FS Digital manometer for high-volume customer-specific ­applications Digital manometer with programmable switching outputs Pressure ranges between 4 and 700 bar upon consultation Possible accuracy classes Gold 0.1 %FS Silver 0.2 %FS Standard 0.5 %FS w Pressure ranges -1…3 / 30 bar rel.; 0…200 / 700 bar 0…4 / 31 bar abs. w Accuracy class 0.1 %FS Total...

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Level/tank content display unit CA1 "Castello" ♦ LED display: 5-digit, 14 mm digit height ♦ Power supply: 9 V block battery or 8.. .28 VDC ext. ♦ Inputs: RS485, I2C, 0.5 V ♦ Outputs: RS485, two PhotoMOS relay 40 V / 0.4 A ♦ Content calculation implemented for various tank shapes ♦ Integrated barometer for absolute measurements ♦ Sturdy die-cast housing with protection class IP65 ♦ Can be combined with almost all level sensor series and pressure transmitter series 4.20 mA loop display unit EV-97 ♦ LCD display: 4-digit, 10 mm digit height ♦ Power supply: from 2L current loop, voltage...

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Interface converters The interface converters were developed for communication between the measuring device and the computer. KELLER offers various converters for manometers, pressure transmitters and data loggers. Via the devices’ digital interfaces, not only can the process values such as pressure and temperature be read off and recorded, but various configurations can also be made. These include, for example: resetting the zero point, selecting units, defining special units, and changing filter settings. All converters provide a half-duplex RS485 interface with the measuring device. w...

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Welcome to KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik. Your Swiss Pressure Sensing Specialist. KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik, which has its headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland, is Europe’s leading manufacturer of media isolated pressure transducers and transmitters. The entire production process, from the manu­acturing of the f individual components and the calibration of the sensors through to the final quality control of the finished products, takes place at the company’s headquarters in Winterthur. This means that all of KELLER AG’s products are officially “Made in Switzerland” . The...

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