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DIGITAL INDICATOR PRECISION AT FAVOURABLE PRICE The new digital indicator EV-94 EB is even more precise, faster, more reliable and equipped with additional inputs. It is universally applicable for measuring value display, controlling, monotoring and counting. The vast self-monitoring and self-diagnosis system ensures high operation security. The high precision, the favourable price and easy use results in the EV-94 EB being a safe and economic investment. - 6 standard signals 2 switching outputs (0,2 A / 1A) Min.-/Max.-value memory Scale fully adjustable Filter digital Alarm delay Self monitoring- and self-diagnosis system - Interface EasyBus PT100 (3-wire), PT1000 (2-wire) Thermo-elements J, K, N, S, T Measuring of frequency Measuring of rotation speed Counter with prescaler Easy to use Fast controlling and monitoring Top quality and competitively priced EasyBus, up to 240 instruments SPECIFICATIONS ACCESSORIES Inputs Voltage Front IP65 ( O-rings) External power supply unit Power supply with relay Interface converter with EasyBus - Front panel with 3 keys Outputs Interface Easy-Bus, electrically isolated Accuracy Standard signals Supply Current consumption Display Dimensions / Panel cut-out Weight SOFTWARE (WINDOWS) - Configuration software - Data recording, archiving (i.e. Excel ) More information and prices on request. AREAS OF APPLICATION: Measuring/display… of temperature, pressure, power, moisture, flow, fill level, rousting, flow rate, pH, redox, oxygen, conductivity, any concentration of gas, in short any parameter. Controlling/monitoring Two-level controller, three-level controller with min./max. alarm, min./max. alarm supervisions (1 output or 2 individual outputs). Counting/controlling… of numbers, amounts, rotation, frequencies, impulses, events. Analog-/digital converter Digitalisation of analog sensor data and transmission to PC by means of EasyBus interface (supplied as standard). Communication of up to 240 sensors and/or EV-94 EB units via a 2-wire interface. Long term monitoring/recording Recording, analysing and monitoring of any parameter during long-term operation easily and in one process by using a PC with our software. For detailed specifications see operation manual EV-94 EB. Subject to alterations KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik KELLER Gesellschaft für Druckmesstechnik mbH Companies approved to ISO 9001 / EN 29001

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