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This is a highly accurate microprocessor-controlled pressure measuring instrument. SensoBrain > TM , a KELLER-designed low power signalprocessor, transmits the signals of the pressure- and temperature sensor to the microprocessor, which digitally compensates the sensor data.This mathematical modelling of the pressure sensor virtually eliminates all errors over a wide temperature range. All KELLER- and KAVLICO-sensors are compatible with the electronics of the Intelligent Manometers. > AUGE (Basic Version)Display of:Pressure, Pressure Unit, Temperature, Elapsed TimeAlternative:Pressure, Pressure Unit, Max.- and Min. Value All functions are executed with the front key of the instrument. It allows the display to be set to zero and to change the measuring cycle for prolonged battery life. Two pressure sensors can be connected to the M > ANO G > AUGE (optional).Analog outputs can be provided 420 mA or 0Ņ10 V (optional). > ECORD (M > ANO G > AUGE plus data recording)Based on the M > ANO G > AUGE ,the M > ANO R > ECORD records and stores the measured values. The front key is used to select which data shall be displayed and stored, and to set the recording interval and the number of readings (memory for 960 or optionally 8100 readings). The read-out of the stored data is via RS 232 serial interface (Logger Software and K101 cable available as option). > ALI (C > ALIBRATOR V > ERSION plus data recording)In the basic mode, the M > ANO C > ALI displays: Pressure, Pressure Unit, Max.- and Min. Values.Units are selected via the front key (bar, PSI, kPa, MPa,). M > ANO C > ALI also incorporates thefunctions TARA (sets a new temporary zero reference), LEAK (measures a pressure change over a programmable time) and RES (reduces the standard resolution by factor 10). A seperate HOLD-key on the instrument freezes the reading. This instrument has the same data recording features as the M > ANO R > ECORD . > HOLD-Key(Mano Calionly) KELLER KELLER KELLER Front KeyButton 80 mm 80 mm Ÿ 45G 1/4" HEX 27G 1/4"HEX 19G 1/4" 76 mm 46 mm Integrated Capacitive Cell(30 mbar1 bar)Series 11 Transducer(1腅10 bar / -12 bar / -1Ņ1000 bar)Series 6 Transducer(10600 bar) Subject to alterations KELLER AG fżr Druckmesstechnik St. Gallerstrasse 119CH-8404 WinterthurTel. 052 - 235 25 25Fax 052 - 235 25 00 KELLER Gesellschaft fr Druckmesstechnik mbH Schwarzwaldstrasse 17D-79798 JestettenTel. 07745 - 9214 - 0Fax 07745 - 9214 - 50 Companies approved to ISO 9001 / EN 290012/00 size="-3">

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Sealed Gauge or Absolute Range > ALI Vented Gauge or Absolute Sealed or Vented Gauge > In M ANO G AUGE and M ANO R ECORD themeasuring ranges are divided by 12 bit or 3000 points. In M Range Resolution Resolution Range Resolution 30 mbar0,01 mbar300 mbar0,1 mbar 1000 mbar0,3 mbar -12 bar1 mbar 10 bar3 mbar 30 bar10 mbar 100 bar0,03 bar300 bar0,1 bar 600 bar0,2 bar 1000 bar0,3 bar -1Ņ2 bar0,5 mbar-110 bar1,8 mbar -1Ņ25 bar4,3 mbar 200 bar0,03 bar 350 bar0,05 bar 700 bar0,1 bar > ANO C ALI over 13bit or 6000 points.The resolution is determined by themeasuring range and the number of measuring...

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