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PRESSURE MEASUREMENT OUR BUSINESS INDUSTRIES Industry Overview MADE TO MEASURE PRESSURE Learn all about the different ways in which KELLER products can be used, whether you are interested in a standard application or are thinking about a tailor-made solution. Pressure measurement technology has potential. KELLER brings it to life. Aviation and Space Travel Chemistry, Food and Pharma Consumer Products Structural Measuring System and Device Construction

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PRESSURE MEASUREMENT OUR BUSINESS VEHICLES KELLER supplies components to the automotive industry for seamless execution of exhaust pressure measurements, gearbox and brake control, and engine test monitoring. APPLICATION REPORT PUTTING ENGINES THROUGH THEIR PACES Automotive Industry Rail Vehicles Paint Industry Military Vehicles Heavy-Duty Vehicles Mobile Hydraulics KELLER APPLICATIONS: ‣ Putting Engines Through Their Paces ‣ Rotary Atomisers for Efficient Paint Spraying ‣ Travelling the Seven Seas ‣ Paint Pistols for a Wide Range of Uses 6 FPT Motorenforschung AG is based in the Swiss town...

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PRESSURE MEASUREMENT OUR BUSINESS AVIATION AND SPACE TRAVEL Since 1997, KELLER has been supplying its pressure sensors to a wide range of sectors within the aerospace industry to help regulate cabin pressure, control pilots’ emergency oxygen supply and check fuel pumps. APPLICATION REPORT Military Aviation KELLER APPLICATIONS: ‣ Security for Aviation ‣ Aircraft De-icing ‣ Pressure Transmitters in Space Travel ‣ Flying High Into the Thermosphere Many people get an uneasy feeling when they board an airplane, even though the statistical probability of being killed in a plane crash averaged 1...

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PRESSURE MEASUREMENT OUR BUSINESS OIL AND GAS KELLER is a specialist in the use of pressure measurement technology in the oil and gas industry. Whether for monitoring the pressure of gas tanks, checking the fill level of tanker trucks or measuring temperatures at the measurement head of boring bars, KELLER offers the perfect products. APPLICATION REPORT MONITORED PRESSURE PEAKS – SECURITY FOR EVERY EVENTUALITY KELLER APPLICATIONS: ‣ Monitored Pressure Peaks ‣ Smart Fuel Tank Management ‣ Monitoring Diesel Generators ‣ Chemical Distribution Pressure surges in liquid- or gas-filled pipes are...

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PRESSURE MEASUREMENT OUR BUSINESS WATER AND ENVIRONMENT There are few industries as diverse as the water and environmental industry. Here, KELLER sensors can be found in all manner of applications. For instance, they are used to measure the sea depth, monitor the water pressure at the bottom of dams, calculate flow quantities and regulate water levels. Thanks to its many years of experience, KELLER can offer broad expertise in these areas. Industries: Sewage Surface Water Water Supply Metrology & Climate Research REDUCING DRINKING WATER LOSSES Accurate data are one of the keys to...

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PRESSURE MEASUREMENT OUR BUSINESS HVAC Air-conditioning technology is used in office buildings, homes, warehouses and production facilities, as well as in process technology and vehicles. KELLER sensors regulate air conditioners and other devices, measure coolant pressure and control air-conditioning compressors. APPLICATION REPORT Air-Conditioning Systems KELLER APPLICATIONS: It provides fresh air when it’s hot and raises the room temperature when it’s cold. We’re talking about air-conditioning. Although it has been around for many years already, it is still a luxury in some places....

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PRESSURE MEASUREMENT OUR BUSINESS RAW MATERIAL EXTRACTION Raw materials are products that occur in nature in their unprocessed form. They often have to be extracted under tough conditions. With its products, KELLER is helping to ensure that raw materials can be extracted from harsh and potentially explosive environments. APPLICATION REPORT WATER MONITORING IN OPEN-PIT MINING The «Novageo» exploration crew specialises in technological testing, geomechanical and hydrogeological well boring and the monitoring of the level and temperature of underground water. The crew monitors the groundwater...

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PRESSURE MEASUREMENT OUR BUSINESS CHEMISTRY, FOOD AND PHARMA IoT processes are in high demand in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in the food industry. These processes require sensors, because states cannot be captured or actions carried out without them. KELLER is a leading manufacturer of pressure sensors, making it the ideal partner when it comes to implementing IoT solutions. Industries: Chemical Distribution Food Production Laboratory Technology Medical Technology KELLER APPLICATIONS: ‣ Networked Beer Tanks ‣ Fish Farm Water Level Monitoring ‣ Digital Oxygen Valve...

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PRESSURE MEASUREMENT OUR BUSINESS CONSUMER PRODUCTS KELLER sensors can be found in all manner of everyday objects. For instance, they monitor the pressure in scuba tanks or coffee machines. In this way, KELLER brings benefits not just to the world of industry but to the domestic sphere too. Industries: Airsoft Coffee Machines Digital Pressure Gauges KELLER APPLICATIONS: ‣ Pressure Sensors on Water Pipelines ‣ Monitored Pressure Peaks ‣ Sensors for the Perfect Coffee APPLICATION REPORT PRESSURE SENSORS FOR THE PERFECT COFFEE Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in Europe, which is why...

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PRESSURE MEASUREMENT OUR BUSINESS STRUCTURAL MEASURING Swiss quality and precision is highly sought-after when monitoring roads or building sites. These can be found in abundance at KELLER and are one of the reasons why KELLER products are so popular in the structural measuring technology sector. Industries: Geotechnical Investigation Structural Monitoring Tunnel Construction APPLICATION REPORT EFFICIENTLY MONITORING THE BRIDGE LOADS In addition to numerous examples of fill level monitoring systems, power measurement on building sites is another area where sensors enable “smart” monitoring....

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