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infrared temperature _solutions _ Smart pyrometer CellaTemp® PX for precise optical temperature measurement from 0 °C to + 3000 °C KELLER A DIVISION OF GROUPE warranty H made in Germany

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Compact pyrometer Pyrometer with fibre optic cable and optical head Single-colour pyrometer

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Smart pyrometer CellaTemp® PX Special Features • Wide measuring ranges with high resolution • Modular design: Electronics and optionally up to 5 optics • Focusable optics • 3 target sighting options: through-the-lens, colour video camera or laser spot light • Compact models and fibre optic models • Single-colour and two-colour pyrometers • 1 Analogue output, 2 switching outputs • Source freely configurable • Parameters and functions adjustable via control keys • Modern IO-Link interface • SCM function for dirty window monitoring (two-colour pyromter) • ATD function (automatic temperature...

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Smart pyrometer CellaTemp® PX IO-Link Interface Supplementary lenses All devices of the CellaTemp® PX series are equipped with the new IO-Link communication interface according to IEC 61131-9. The CellaTemp® PX can capture target spots as small as Ø 0.3 mm when an additional lens is mounted. Advantages of IO-Link interface • Standardized manufacturer and fieldbus independent interface • Cost-effective and simple point-to-point connection with standard cable • Low wiring costs • Simple commissioning • Interference-free data transmission • Automatic parameterization with central data backup •...

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Infrared temperature _solutions — JTSJ High operational safety • Tamper-proof, as incorrect settings by the operator can be excluded • Immediate, central fault diagnosis (wire breakage, short circuit etc.) • Retrieval of diagnostic data for preventive maintenance and repair and therefore reduced risk of failure Simple parameterisation Open, system and company independent communication interface • Internationally approved standard according to IEC 61131-9 • IO-Link consortium with all leading manufacturers of control systems • Uniform system description of communication and device properties...

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Smart pyrometer CellaTemp® PX Sighting options for compact models Through-the-lens The CellaTemp® PX compact models can be supplied with through-the-lens, parallax-free sighting. The wide field of view makes it easy to focus on the target object. The ocular features a widened interpupillary distance, making it suitable for users who wear glasses or a helmet. with the visible surface behaviour, it enables in-depth data analysis and process optimisation. The target marker shown on the screen indicates the exact size of the measuring field. With a resolution of 5.6 µm / pixel, even the tiniest...

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Control keys Parameters can be configured during running operations using the rear keypad. The large control keys are easy to access and operate. The brightly lit 8 mm digits on the LED display are visible from a great distance. Four LEDs indicate the operating conditions. LED Laser active Select / change parameters Mode key /  switch for laser spot light ATD (Automatic Temperature Detection) is a feature especially useful for temperature control at discontinuous processes. With ATD, objects moving across the pyrometer’s field of view at undefined intervals are automatically detected....

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Smart pyrometer CellaTemp® PX Technical Data Pyrometer Analogue output • 0/4 - 20 mA linear according to NAMUR 43, scalable • load max. 500 Ω Switching outputs • PNP Open Collector active by plus supply voltage • NC or NO contact • Current carrying capacity 150 mA • Safety switch-off at overload ≥ 250 mA Operating voltage • 18 - 32 V DC • ripple ≤ 200 mV Current consumption • ≤ 135 mA • ≤ 150 mA with laser sighting • ≤ 175 mA with video camera Permissible humidity • 95 % r.H. max. (non- condensating) Ambient temperature • 0 - 65 °C (without cooling) LED Display • 4-digit (digit height 8 mm)...

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Infrared temperature _solutions — JTSJ Single-colour pyrometer Model The CellaTemp® PX 13 was especially developed for temperature measurements in flame heated furnaces. Thanks to the selective spectral range of 3.9 pm, water vapour and CO2 existing in the pyrometer's field of vision have no effect on the measuring results, even when measuring from large distances. This allows precise measurements through flames and combustion gases. In the range of 4.6 - 4.9 pm glass has an emissivity of almost 100%. Above 5 pm, atmospheric influences, such as humidity or water vapour, affect the...

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Smart pyrometer CellaTemp® PX CellaCombustion PX 17 The CellaCombustion PX 17 uses a specific wavelength, in which hot carbonaceous gases have a high optical density and therefore good radiation properties. The pyrometers are used to measure the exhaust gas temperature in gas-fired boilers and small combustion plants. Due to the wide temperature ranges and the numerous varieties of available optics, the CellaTemp® PX 29 provides maximum versatility. It is suitable for various applications in the metalworking industry, and is ideal for measuring reflective metals and aluminium at low...

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Infrared temperature _solutions — JTSJ Pyrometers for special applications Model

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Smart pyrometer CellaTemp® PX Compact two-colour pyrometer Spektrale spezifische Ausstrahlung The two-colour pyrometers of the PX series detect the infrared radiation emitted from an object‘s surface at two separate wavelengths. The dual sandwich detector uses a two-element photo-diode to capture both radiation intensities simultaneously from the exact same spot. The pyrometer produces tem perature data based on the ratio of these two intensities. The advantage of the two-colour or dual wavelength technique is that the pyrometer will still produce highly accurate temperature data, even at...

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