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Electromagnetic Technology

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KEB AUTOMATION KG All our efforts are directed towards the development, production and application of electromagnetic technology throughout our extensive range of brakes and clutches. The functions, starting, stopping, positioning and safe holding of moving axes in machines and plant call for reliably designed and safely functioning components. With our advanced manufacturing techniques we are able to produce high quality, high-grade products, and through our continued investment we now have manufacturing plants worldwide. We have the ability to produce high volume stock parts or ones that...

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SAFE BRAKING AND HOLDING COMBISTOP H Electromagnetically actuated dual-surface spring applied DC brakes for dry operation. Permanent magnet brakes and clutches for dry operation. SWITCHING, STOPPING, POSITIONING COMBINORM C electromagnetic-actuated open-circuit operated clutches and brakes without slip rings. a ready to be installed electromagnetic- actuated clutch-brakemodule POWER SUPPLY / SWITCHGEAR COMBITRON 91 DC-supply from the alternating voltage supply system and electronic switches for electromagnetic clutches and bra

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COMBISTOP are electromagnetically actuated dual surface spring-applied DC brakes for dry application. The braking force is applied by the springs and released through the electromagnetic force. These brakes are successfully working in the most demanding applications and are used wherever rotating masses must be stopped or shafts need to held in a precise position. High quality materials together with high precision manufacturing, process inspections and functional testing guarantee reliable, safe operation. On request we can design the COMBISTOP brake to your requirements, for example the...

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COMBISTOP M stands for MINI Brake, the small compact solution with torques up to 2 Nm. The brake is characterized by a particular compact construction, it is designed for small loads and holding functions without torque adjustment and adjustability and available with or without hand release. Range of application: e.g. general machine building, small-power motors, automation technique, apparatus engineering. All dimensions in mm key way according to DIN 6885/i according to VDE 0580, isolation class „B“ 11 rated torque after running in process 2 bore tolerance max 010 mm H7, otherwise H8 31...

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COMBISTOP N and H are the standard series of dual-surface spring-applied brakes in two designs: -    dynamic applications with continuous stress    COMBISTOP N -    static applications with short-term stress    COMBISTOP H COMBISTOP N: Rated torque in the range 5 ... 1000 Nm - designed for dynamic applications with regular brake applications at high speed! Range of application: e.g. brake motors, geared brake motors, wind energy plants, refrigerated warehouses Option: • Cold Climate Version CCV (-40 ... +60 °C) • ISO-class F + H Accessories COMBISTOP N •    Friction disc •    Friction disc...

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All dimensions In mm    key way according to DIN 6885/1    Standard voltage 24/ 105/180/205 VDC according to VDE 0580, isolation class „B“,    100% on time, Type of protection IP40,    with dust protection ring IP44 1 rated torque after running in process    * hub bore > 0 45 ** key way according to DIN 6885/3    *** mech. release with hexagon screw COMBISTOP H: Rated torque in the range 7.5... 1500 Nm - designed for static applications, i.e. braking from low speeds and secure holding of loads! Range of application e.g. electronically controlled or regulated drives, wind energy plants,...

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A brake design which are always used whenever the application puts higher demands on the protection class. COMBISTOP T: the IP 65-brake with identical hole circle such as COMBISTOP N and H, optionally completely closed on the backside or prepared for the attachment of tacho-generators or shaft sealing ring. Range of application: e.g. general machine building, crane construction, ship gear, wind energy plants, refrigerated warehouses COMBISTOP T ..28G10 standard version without hand release ..28G20 standard version with hand release ..28G1T for tacho-generators without hand release ..28G2T...

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Option • Cold Climate Version CCV (-40 ... +60 °C) • ISO class F + H Accessories COMBISTOP T • Flange • Hand release • Shaft sealing ring ORDERING EXAMPLE: COMBISTOP T 06    28 GXX

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COMBISTOP D stands for double safety and covers a series of double brakes, which is prepared for tasks with redundant brake circuits. The mechanical construction with two completely independent fail-safe spring-applied brakes meets the requirements according to DIN 56950 (BGV Cl). The brakes are supplied ex factory, ready for attachment with preadjusted air gaps. Extensive constructional measures reduce the switching and running noises to a minimum. Range of application: e. g. theatre equipment, passenger and freight elevators All dimensions in mm    key way according to DIN...

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Accessories COMBISTOP D • Friction disc • Micro switch    Size • Dust protection ring • Flange • Friction disc with collar (up to size 06) ORDERING EXAMPLE: COMBISTOP D 06    38 DDN Type V DC, 0 D ? COMBISTOP L .. D8230 ... with hand release COMBISTOP L .. D8630 ... with hand release, with backlash-free-hub lining system

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To adapt the spring-applied brakes to the various requirements of different applications an extensive program with a wide range of accessories is available. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. To ensure correct selection we have on hand an experienced team of application engineers to assist you in all aspects of selection, enabling you to get the optimum solution. To protect the friction surfaces against dust or dripping water different sizes of dust protection rings are available. When fitting the COMBISTOP with a dust protection ring the friction disc xx08515-xxxx must be used...

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