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SOFTWARE PLATFORM COMBIVIS studio 6    12 COMBIVIS studio 6 - Safety    38 COMBIVIS CONTROL Runtime    46

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AUTOMATION WITH DRIVE Drive means movement - controlled movement requires overview and technology - the complete system provides the correct basis for high-performance, economics and efficiency.

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KEB – A SUCCESS STORY KEB - three letters. Initials. An initial start in 1972. Karl-Ernst Brinkmann began his success story with six employees. Constantly growing, today KEB is a medium-sized company employing over 1200 people. And we have remained owner-managed for two generations - a detail which makes us proud. KEB‘s broad orientation to the various sectors of mechanical engineering and plant construction gives us an accurate insight into the needs and trends of the market. In the past, this was based mainly on drive solutions but today KEB is an important global manufacturer of a wide...

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CONTROL & AUTOMATION Flexible and economic automation solutions allow maximum use of technological developments in wide areas of application. VISUALISATION, PLC, MOTION CONTROL, CNC, REMOTE MAINTENANCE The KEB range offers extensive hardware solutions in combination with excellent software functionalities, from display through to the motion profile. KEB – SUCCESS FROM HISTORY Foundation of KARL E. BRINKMANN GMBH Development, production and sale of electro-magnetic clutches and brakes COMBIVERT 56 Production of our first generation of converters Expansion of product range by internal...

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DRIVES From frequency inverters to servo systems, dynamically connected in r ­eal-time communication or classic analog/digital. Universally designed for open and closed loop operation. Optimum shaft performance for three-phase, synchronous, torque, linear or spindle motors. DYNAMIC DRIVE CONTROLLER SOFTWARE / HARDWARE IN THE SYSTEM In single-axis or multi-axis technology. When required, also optimised as a customer or application device. MOTORS & GEARS Integral gear motors with flexible options - for three-phase asynchronous or synchronous servo motors. OPTIMUM ADAPTATION OF ROTATION SPEED...

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A success story for over 40 years Technology-driven company with huge investment in research and innovation Quality and durability are our passion Competence is our product Our solutions are based on standards Open and communicative thanks to many interfaces and fieldbus systems From touch

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SOLUTION The perception of a change, Industry 4.0. With KEB’s automation solution, you have the chance to be part of this change. Our complete concept from the control level through to the drive technology offers standards, connectivity, communication and total flexibility thanks to the full openness of the solution. Despite our wide product range, our high level of integration and competence as a manufacturer in all levels of the automation world is impressive. KEB offers both retention and freedom in the implementation of authorisation tasks. Support from people and intelligent functions...

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KEB EtherCAT^ CIWopeQ SOFTWARE OPERATING SYSTEM Visualisation Control / Motion Remote maintenance Windows Embedded Compact 7 Windows Embedded Standard 7P HARDWARE ARCHITECTURE FIELDBUS SYSTEM SuperH RISC SH7269 ARM Cortex A8 - iMX5 ARM Cortex A9 - iMX6 Intel ® Bay Trail - Celeron Intel ® Skylake - Core i Master Slave EtherCAT® EtherCAT®, CANopen CANopen Profibus, Profinet Powerlink, EtherNet/IP MODBUS, ...

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■* rt'OfetT ftjkd {jure Qebuj Icoc 'Mrfkm Corfiguobw neb 3 dg i "    * V kr n • :i m l Of > ■ I l -    £    IK ip £ m M

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COMBIVIS studio 6 INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT The intelligent automation suite from KEB combines an assistant-guided component selection, fieldbus configuration, drive parameterisation, IEC 61131-3 project generation and motion control. Throughout the planning and layout phase, implementation of control sequences and multi-axis movement profiles, to start-up and fine tuning, the user is supported by a tool developed by experienced application engineers. With a foundation built on libraries, devices and template data­bases, rapid and simple solutions can be generated for a wide range...

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COMBIVIS STUDIO 6 FREELY CONFIGURABLE TOOLBAR and system information PROJECT ORGANISATION and application planning SYSTEM CONFIGURATION FIELDBUS CONFIGURATION AND DIAGNOSIS Drive parameterisation Multi-channel oscilloscope CROSS REFERENCE LIST In KEB COMBIVIS Studio 6, IEC 61131-3 application development, drive p ­arameterisation and HMI designers are combined into an efficient ­engineering tool for individual automation solutions. With the KEB Utilities, we offer direct access to motion programming for real-time compatible, synchronized action drives or even multi-axis ­systems. The...

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INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT OBJECT-ORIENTED PROGRAMMING APPLICATION LIBRARIES COMMISSIONING ASSISTANTS MESSAGE WINDOW IEC 61131-3 application development Device and library database Product configuration Start-up and diagnosis assistant COMBIVIS studio HMI integration Document dat

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