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CONTENT    PAGE Servo gear motors    18

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SYSTEM OVERVIEW Automation with Drive stands as a synonym for optimally selected combinations of control and automation solution. With the drive level at the end it is the key to successful machine concepts. Let the following pages inspire you with regards to the diversity and p ­ erformance of the multi-axis drive system COMBIVERT H6 and help you to find a solution that reliably meets your requirements. SOFTWARE COMBIVIS studio HMI COMBIVIS studio 6 COMBIVIS connect COMBIVIS studio HMI COMBIVIS studio 6 COMBIVIS connect CONNECT ROUTER CONNECT ROUTER RESET POWER REMOTE CONNECT COM Tx Input...

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From more than 30 years of experience with electronic drive technology, sophisticated control algorithms for all common motor versions have been developed. Based on our extensive experience on single inverter and servo drives, we are now pleased to offer the COMBIVERT H6, the complete drive solution for machine automation. COMBIVERT H6 has integrated all the experiences in one device with control and communication technology, perfect adaptable to machine ­ uilder b requirements. THE MODULAR DRIVE TECHNOLOGY: COMBIVERT H6 COMBIVERT H6 is the product family for multi-axis solutions...

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DRIVE BASED SAFETY • • • Integrated Safety functionality STO and SBC as standard Speed dependent safety functions as an option REAL-TIME COMMUNICATION • • • EtherCAT as real-time Ethernet-based interfaces Other Ethernet - based interfaces in the control unit RS232/485 for diagnostics or display ALL IN ONE - UNIVERSAL MOTOR OPERATIONS • • • • • • Control for synchronous or asynchronous - V/f made for asynchronous motors Motor operation with encoder feedback or encoderless ASCL/SCL for precise speed control Motor temperature monitoring with PTC, KTY or PT1000 sensors Two-channel multi-encoder...

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MODULAR AND FLEXIBLE The COMBIVERT H6 Multi-axis system is a DC intermediate circuit coupled drive controller system for the operation of synchronous and asynchronous machines. The wide performance range covered by the system and the multiple combination options enable flexible use of the H6 System in a broad spectrum of different applications up to 315A. The H6 system bus is EtherCAT. and 24V DC Supply module Axis module Axis module module Motors &    Motors & Cables    Cables Space-saving fitting of a DC intermediate circuit coupled drive system Very high output density Reduced wiring...

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FUNCTIONAL SAFETY CONTROL UNIT SUPPLY UNIT DIGITAL INTERFACE STATUS LEDs 24VDC DC VOLTAGELINK SINGLE AXIS MULTI ENCODER INTERFACES DOUBLE AXIS COOLING MOTOR TERMINALS KTY / PTC‘ / PT1000-CONNECTION & Brake Control 24V / 3,3A or 2 x 2A MAINS CONNECTION Reduces number of system components 4 models: 50 mm, 100 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm Range of cooling options Flexible automation system Integrated Motion Controller COMBIVIS 6 operating software for commissioning and diagnostics for drives, controls and safety Certified integrated safety functions to PLe: STO, SBC, SLS, SDI, SLP, etc

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possible download of encrypted data packets through machine controllers modular safety concept dual channel ripple interface for cascading functional safety over multiple KEB drives dual OSSD outputs for supply of the safe digital inputs (detection of wire break, shortcut and external supply) safe parameterization through COMBIVIS 6 with protected operation l

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FUNCTIONAL SAFETY SAFETY FUNCTIONS ACCORDING TO IEC 61508 - SIL3, ISO 13849 - PL e With the drive-based-safety, safety functions are shifted into the drive platform and the costs of separate protective devices are reduced. The drive controllers COMBIVERT H6 are prepared for the different requirements in their modular structure. The H6 can be equipped with different safety modules. Depending on the requirement, basic functions with the Module 1 and a wide range of functions are available with the Module 2, which are addressed via safe inputs and outputs and safe FSoE communication. The full...

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Wide power range - rated currents from 2.6A to 210A Very high power density Different types of cooling Integrated brake output 24V DC / 3.3A (single-axis module) or 2x 2A (double-axis module) Certified integrated safety functions to PL e: STO and SBC as standard Speed-dependent safety functions to PLe, also SLS, SDI, SLP, etc. as optional EtherCAT system bus Control by means of drive profile according to CiA402 Regulation of synchronous - and asynchronous machines, with and without encoder feedback Ideally suited for KEB brand motors as well as non-KEB motors 2-channel multi-encoder -...

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MECHANICAL DATA, OPERATING TYPES, STANDARDS OPERATING MODES Motor control mode    PMSM: field-oriented with encoder, S.C.L. encoderless. ASM: V/F, field-oriented with encoder, A.S.C.L. encoderless. Application profile    CiA 402 Control mode    Asynchronous speed specification (Velocity Mode) Cycl. Synchronous speed specification (Cycl. Sync. Velocity Mode) Cycl. Synchronous position specification (Cycl. Sync. Position Mode) Single-axis positioning module (Profile Positioning Mode) Homing Mode Torque pilot control crank drives GENERAL Product standard    EN 61800-2, -5-1 Protection class...

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CONTROL SUPPLY UNIT The 50 mm CONTROL SUPPLY UNIT is the highly efficient solution for PLC, Motion Control and integrated 24 V DC supply - containing the 24 V supply module and the Embedded Control, guarantees a further size reduction of the control cabinet. CONTROL SUPPLY UNIT Control unit / 24 V DC-supply unit with EtherCAT Master 0_H6GDB/P Floating Point Unit Internal Memory Systembus EtherCAT, 2 x RJ45 Diagnostic interface , D-Sub 9 Power supply Un Digital IN Digital OUT Field Bus slave optional Module size W x H x D Air cooled housing* Flat rear housing 4 4 Profibus, Interbus, CAN,...

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