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System overview High performance inverter Integrated flexibility with safety Properties / Functions - Control unit Properties / Functions - Power stage Data table - mechanics Data table - electrical Applications - maschine building and plant constructions COMBIVIS 6 - the tool for all tasks Decentralized high protection degree COMBILINE - accessories

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SYSTEM OVERVIEW Automation with Drive stands as a synonym for optimally selected combinations of control and automation solutions with the drive level at the end it is the key to ­successful machine concepts. Let the following pages inspire you with regards to the diversity and ­performance of the COMBIVERT G6 drive controller, and help you to find a solution that reliably meets your requirements. SOFTWARE COMBIVIS studio HMI COMBIVIS studio 6 COMBIVIS connect COMBIVIS studio HMI COMBIVIS studio 6 COMBIVIS connect CONNECT ROUTER CONNECT ROUTER RESET POWER REMOTE CONNECT COM Tx Input AC 3PH...

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COMBIVERT G6 - HIGH PERFORMANCE INVERTER The COMBIVERT G6 series was designed as an solution which covers all important requirements for open loop three-phase drives within one device. Therefore a high degree of variability, supporting actual and future technologies, is prepared. The two level parameter structure with basic (customer parameters) and application menu (application parameters) gives COMBIVERT G6 a unique user friendly and easy handling high functionality. The integrated ­multi-language LCD plain text display eased the operator guidance. Equipped with new 32-bit...

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INTEGRATED FLEXIBILITY WITH SAFETY Conforming to the actual requirements of the European machine directive, the COMBIVERT G6 offers an integrated 2-channel safety function STO ­according to category 3, EN ISO 13849-1 PL e / IEC EN 62061, SIL 3. SS1 t1 Sicher abgeschaltetes STO - Safe OFF Safe Torque Torque OFF Moment SSM - Safe Speed Monitor Safe Speed Monitor (f = 0 Hz) Additionally the function SS1 can be covered together with an external safety timing relay. The drive is decelerated within a fixed time and is set to STO (stop category 1, EN 60204-1). COMBIVERT G6 - ON BOARD - EMC...

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DIGITAL INPUTS AND OUTPUTS •    8    Digital    In UNIVERSAL ANALOG INPUT / OUTPUTS •    2 Analog In, 0 ... ±10 V, 0 ... ±20 mA,4 ... 20 mA •    2 Analog Out (0 ...±10 V) (not available for EtherCATand VARAN) SAFETY FUNCTION • STO -function, 2-channel according category 3, EN ISO 13849-1 PL e, IEC EN 62061, SIL3 • Devices with EtherCAT - and IO-Link control fulfill optional, the TOV-certified function SSM with level 0 Hz CONTROL UNIT • internal and external 24 V DC supply • RS 232/485-interface, open protocol KEB DIN 66019-II DC-BRAKING • Special stopping without brake resistor BRAKE...

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PROPERTIES / FUNCTIONS - POWER STAGE POWER STAGE • 1 ph. 200 ... 240 V AC, 3-ph. • 380 … 480 V AC, +10/-20%, 50/60 Hz and DC-input • EMC according to class C1 and C2 with integrated filter • Internal braking transistor (GTR7) INTEGRATED EMC SOLUTION built with new innovative core materials and configured • according to EN61800-3 for environments C1 and C2 sized for motor cables, up to 100 m - C2 / 50 m - C1 • for especially low leakage currents of the filter component towards the ground < 5 mA (low leakage EMC) and installation-safe due to consistently separated mains and motor connection...

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DATA TABLE - mechanics COMBIVERT G6 housing E - Flat Rear INSTALLATION SIZE Width    B High    H Depth    T Mounting Weight Cooling Ventilated convection Flat Rear* heat transfer External heat/push-through Available in 4 different mechanical sizes, COMBIVERT G6 are covering the power range from 0.75 kW to 30 kW designed for cabinet or machine frame installation. Devices with Flat Rear and the push-through mounting are size depending variations to optimize the heat transfer.

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DATA TABLE Output voltage Max. Motor cable length (screened EN 61800-3) * Rated Voltage 480 V: I = 0.86 x output rated current nom

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FOOD PRODUCTION • High breakaway torque during start-up • Exact torque during process • Protective coating PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY • Fast set value processing with ±10 V • Controlled positioning compensates dead times CONVEYOR AND STORAGE TECHNOLOGY • Long motor lines up to 100 m • Robust mechanics CRANES, LIFTING DEVICES • High dynamics during acceleration • Internal braking transistor COMPRESSORS • Output frequency up to 599 (800) Hz • PID controllers for process control ELEVATORS • High starting torque • Consistent torque with change of loads • Suitable for modern three-phase motors...

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The existing platform has been prepared for additional variations, e.g. - special fieldbus protocols, - operation of special motors or - the expansion of software functions

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COMBIVIS 6 - THE TOOL FOR ALL TASKS COMBIVIS 6 • • • • • • Free and easy-to-use software for startup, administration and analysis Integrated start-up assistants (Wizards) for quick and easy configuration Direct access to device documentation 16 channel oscilloscope for extensive analysis Online parameter list comparison Parameterization of key safety indicators and functions COMBIVIS studio 6  THE ENGINEERING TOOL FOR AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS The intelligent automation suite from KEB combines an assistant-guided component selection, fieldbus configuration, drive parameterization, IEC 61131-3...

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INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT COMMISSIONING ASSISTANT SYSTEM CONFIGURATION AS A NEW COMPONENT OF COMBIVIS • Complete user guidance through the commissioning process •    KEB Motor database, free for extensions •    Anti cogging • Fieldbus diagnostic and optimization • Access to complete KEB product database • Intuitive gear component selection and system configuration using drag and drop • Selection assistant with display of compatible components • Display of all interfaces and connection components • Material number generator • Extensive export function for quote list, Combivis...

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