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COMBIVERT F5 are frequency inverters and servo systems in the power range from 0.37 to 900 kW. They provide a modular program for the mechanical engineering, that meet the different requirements in flexibility with the aim of • OPTIMAL USE OF RESOURCES AND MATERIALS AND • MINIMUM EXPENSE IN DESIGN AND EASY IMPLEMENTATION OF APPLICATION SOLUTIONS Simple handling and multipurpose features were often contradictory. The CP mode ensures user-friendly handling via a programmable menu. In the subordinate application level COMBIVERT F5 is the world's first drive generation to have a fully...

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PERFORMANCE SCOPE KEB OPEN-LOOP SYSTEMS BASIC 0.37 ... 15 kW COMPACT 0.37 ... 90 kW Compact units with 230 V and 400 V connection in functional and economical orientation and universal features create the ideal platform for the design of high-quality machines and systems. CLOSED-LOOP SYSTEMS MULTI 0.75 ... 900 kW Closed-loop drives of voltage classes 230 V, 400 V and 690 V for asynchronous and synchronous servo motors with feedback devices. APPLICATION Customized equipment solutions tailored to operating conditions and requirements. Examples are the software versions • ASCL, encoder-less...

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F5 BASIC FREQUENCY INVERTERS FROM SIMPLE TO SOPHISTICATED – IN OPEN-LOOP TASKS THROUGHOUT­ THE ENGINEERING SECTOR ... • • Optimized KEB-SMM control algorithm (sensorless motor management) 17 pluggable control terminals, PNP-logic Analog input 0...±10 V / 0...±20 mA, 4...20 mA (housing D, E) Programmable analog output 0 ... ±10 V 5 programmable digital inputs 2 programmable relay outputs 4 programmable software inputs/outputs 8 free-to-program parameter sets including S-curves, ramp stop, power‑off-function, DC-braking, PID controller, electronic motor protection, brake control, internal...

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PERFORMANCE SCOPE internal    ♦ footprint (option) GENERALLY: Product standard    EN 61800-2, -5-1 Emitted interference    EN 61800-3 Short-circuit and earth fault monitoring

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F5 COMPACT MORE THAN JUST AN INVERTER... HIGH TECHNOLOGY FOR OPEN-LOOP DRIVE SYSTEMS Optimal characteristics at the motor shaft in different application areas with KEB-SMM (sensorless motor management) 29 plug-in control terminals, PNP- / NPN logic switchable 2 programmable analogue outputs 0 ... ±10 V 8 programmable digital inputs Programmable outputs: 2 x relay, 2 x transistor 4 programmable software inputs/outputs 8 free-to-program parameter sets including S-curves, ramp stop, power‑off-function, DC-braking, PID controller, electronic motor protection, brake control, internal timer,...

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PERFORMANCE SCOPE Storage temperature -25 ... 70 °C Operation temperature-10 ... 45 °C Short-circuit and earth fault monitoring ♦ footprint (option)    a book-style (option) ★ mains choke generally required (page 26)

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The frequency inverter COMBIVERT F5 Multi is equipped with all functions and characteristics of the COMBIVERT F5 Compact series and furthermore especially prepared for closed-loop operation. Very flexible because of plug-in feedback cards • Resolver • Incremental encoder, initiator • Sin/Cos encoder • Absolute encoder • Hiperface®, EnDat® • BISS or Tacho and usable in the operation modes KEB-SMM (SENSORLESS MOTOR MANAGEMENT) F5-G FIELD-ORIENTED CONTROL F5-M SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR CONTROL F5-S Decentralized automation in the drive actuator with standard functions relieves superior control systems...

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PERFORMANCE SCOPE • internal (option) * 0.37 ... 2.2 kW = 1-/3-phase 230 V ♦ footprint (option) a book-style (option) ★ mains choke generally required (page 26) ** module units 2 x P / 3 x P generally with output choke (page 26) GENERALLY: Product standard EN 61800-2, -5 - 1 Emitted interference EN 61800-3 EN 61000-6 -1 ... 4 Enclosure    IP 20 / VBG 4 Short-circuit and earth fault monitoring Selection and dimensioning of the synchronous and asynchronous control motors occurs according to rated-, standstill- and peak current.

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F5 MULTI    VOLTAGE CLASS 690 V PROVEN CHARACTERISTICS FOR THE USE IN THE UPPER POWER RANGE PN [kW] mains choke    motor choke ** module units 2 x P / 3 x P generally with output choke (page 26)    ★ mains choke generally required (page 26) All units correspond to the 400 V type with regard to the technical functions and are universally suitable for the open-loop and closed-loop operation of asynchronous and synchronous motors. Upon request the units are available for rated voltages of 3-phase 500 V AC and 3-phase 600 V AC. GENERALLY: Product standard    EN 61800-2, -5 - 1 Emitted...

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SAFETY FUNCTION SAFETY IN DRIVE SYSTEMS The requirements of the safety regulations for manufacturers of machines must be carried out according to the implementation of new safety requirements of ISO 13849 and EN 62061. Function SS1 can be met in the wiring with external safety time-delay r ­elay, when the drive within an adjusted time is decelerated and set to STO (stop category 1 of EN 60204-1). The new hardware design COMBIVERT F5-K is available for open-loop and closed-loop applications in the housings D-E-G-H-R-U-P-W. Function STO is met with the internal 2-channel optocoupler locking...

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F5 MULTI ENCODER SYSTEMS ENCODER SYSTEMS FLEXIBLY SUPPORTED COMBIVERT F5 Multi operates all closed-loop tasks with a broad range of feedback cards for different encoder systems. The installation is done factory made according to the customer request (page 9/10 - 10th place part no.) or can be executed as re-fitting with the KEB Encoder Kits. Factory-made Installation Part-code D G Encoder type TTL TTL TTL TTL TTL TTL TTL Resolver Resolver Resolver HTL HTL HTL HTL HTL without inverse HTL without inverse HTL without inverse HTL without inverse HTL without...

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