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Model /<£-£>£ ELECTRO MAGNETIC HOLDER Controller required additionally Change in holding power by plate thickness ^Projection is provided at the center of attractive face with 02 x max length 1mm for KE-2R & 02 r^lf the pressing force cannot release the workpiece smoothly, use a rectifier enclosed in parentheses r^The maximum holding power applies to SS400, 10-mm thick, ground-finished test piece held on the % RA type: Cord length 0.3 m (0.2-m lead for KE-2R only) whole area ^Allowable temperature: The electromagnetic holders KE, permanent electro- magnetic holders KEP and hybrid holders KE-H must be used under the conditions of ambient temperature 40 °C or below and temperature of work- pieces to hold 50°C or below. For higher temperature, please contact us. SSThe holding power of KE-B, KE-E (D) and KE-RA (R) on various thickness of steel plates and the holding power relative to various gaps are as shown in the graphs. SSThe maximum holding power is the power that can be obtained under the most favorable conditions including materials, shapes and finishes of workpieces to hold. Thus, for practical use, choose a suitable model in consideration of a large drop in the holding power depending on situations. Generally, the lifting capacity drops to a half or below of the holding power obtained from the graphs. If you plan to use holders in particular situations such as for workpieces having holes and grooves on the attractive face to disable the utilization of the whole area or where big acceleration (G) will be applied to workpieces to be held and transported, please contact us. SSThe electromagnetic holders when powered off still have residua magnetism. If the mass of the workpiece is greater than the residual holding power, the workpiece will come off, but if not, it is usually necessary to use a rectifier equipped with a reduction-of-magnetization function by reverse excitation, except for the holders equipped with the automatic release SSThe electromagnetic holders are not of waterproof construction. If water- proof holders are required, please contact us. SSIf you want to use an uninterruptible power supply for a rectifier for electromagnetic holders, please consult with us in advance

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