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MAGNETIC TOOLS HANDY HOLDER o m F= m Ssg O m —I O Transportation assist tool by use of battery-generated magnetic force Useful for transportation of cut-out plates or waste materials at room temperature and for taking out small products! Holding power and battery life improved significantly! [Application] These holders are used as a holding tool for moving and transporting cut-out plates or waste materials and taking out small products, etc. In addition, when cleaning areas around machine tools, if brushes are used, chips may be entangled and cleaning may not go smoothly. In such a case, these holders can be used to attract and remove them quickly. [Features] •Only with a small amount of electricity supplied by two D size alkaline batteries, strong holding power is achieved. •These holders are of handy type which can be operated by one hand. They also do not have cord and therefore can be used in any places. •Since these holders are of hybrid type (complex structure of permanent magnet and electromagnet), the held workpiece does not drop instantly when the batteries become dead, thus enhancing safety. •The batteries can be replaced easily without a tool. Also, commercially available rechargeable batteries can be used. Not heat-resistant, not water-tight ^The max. holding power is based on a test piece of SS400, 15 mm thick, ground surface, vertical puling under the most favorable conditions. Therefore, the lifting capacity is normally a third or less of the max. holding power. If workpiece are tilted or a force is applied to the magnet in a separating direction, the lifting capacity will drop. ^The mass includes the batteries. ^This holder, even when attraction off, constantly generates holding power that is a third of the max. holding power at attraction on. However, the max. holding power at attraction off drops to 200 N (20 kgf). Exercise caution when using the holder. [Application] A simple transportation tool by use of a magnet. Features] •Workpieces that are difficult to hold with hands can be carried by use of the quick attach/detach mechanism. •Useful for temporarily holding down or positioning small pieces in welding work. •Usable for a wide range of applications. [mm (in)] ^The holding power is based on a test piece of SS400, 10 mm thick, pulled in the vertical direction. ^The holding power is based on a test piece of SS400, 10 mm thick, ground surface.

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Collect bolts, screws and nails scattered around on the floor! [Application] The Maghand is suitable for collecting iron pieces that are scattered around on the floor or mixed in media. Since it can also be used to remove and collect iron pieces from powder materials, it has a wide range of applications including machining, forging and food processing. The Maghand is also useful in the household or as a teaching material. [Features] •The magnetic force can be turned on and off simply by one-hand operation. •The Maghand employs a powerful magnet for powerful attraction and a wide attractive...

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A cleaning device to collect nails, needles, iron pieces, etc. scattered around on the floor and road. ROAD SWEEPER o =o m 3=-—i ^ O ^ O —l =c c= o CO Releasing chips [Application] This is suitable for collection of such iron pieces as nails, needles and chips scattered around on floors in machining places, warehouses and event sites or on road. In addition, this device works well for collection of dust mixed with fine iron powder. This device protects people and tires of vehicles and is also useful for recycling purposes. [Features] •The attractive part extends up to the end to enable...

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■Model KF-T THIN FLOATER* S [Features] ●Thinner and smaller than the standard type, 20mm thick. This type can be mounted in a wide variety of locations, for example, direct mounting on a wall face or mounting with an L-shaped attachment. ●The mounting position is vertically adjustable when mounted with the included L-shaped attachment. Model ■Model KF-S SLIM POWERFUL FLOATER* 4 φ − d An example of steel plate separation by KF-S10 [Features] ●The employment of a powerful rare earth magnet has significantly reduced the thickness to only 17 mm and the weight, but offers the separating...

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MAGNETIC TOOLS Model KF-HC POWERFUL ROUND FLOATER* Magnetic face ELECTROMAGNETIC CHUCK PERMANENT PERMANENT CHUCKS CONTROLLERS MAGNETIC CHUCKS ELECTROMAGNETIC CHUCKS [Application] Designed for separation of irregularly shaped workpieces (steel plates) that do not have a straight part of sufficient length. [Features] ●The magnetic force can be adjusted by changing the internal magnet position. ●Small but powerful. Model KF-Q PERMANENT ELECTROMAGNETIC FLOATER* Permanent electromagnetic type introduced to FLOATER Series! Patent pending Rectifier required additionally VACUUM CHUCKS SINE BAR...

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