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MAGNETIC SEPARATORS ITypes of magnetic separators

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^MAGNETIC SEPARATORS ■Examples of application of magnetic separators in various fields Removal of iron and collection of iron powder from various kinds of raw materials and semi-finished products are called magnetic separation. Kanetec offers a wide variety of magnetic separators for use with lump materials, bulk materials, clay-like materials and liquids. Examples of usage in various fields Selection of magnetic separators and notes for inquiry A magnetic separator to select must be suitable for the purpose of use and have a sufficient capacity. To select such a most suitable separator,...

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Construction Scrap Materials Recycling System Concrete blocks are first crushed to certain sizes (50—60 square centimeters) on construction site and then transported to a recycle facility. Concrete blocks are crushed by a Then foreign matters like iron are Crushed concrete pieces are screened to various sizes. Concrete blocks that could not be crushed by the primary crusher are crushed by the secondary crusher. To prevent dust and dirt produced in these processes and to prevent noise, the machines and surrounding areas are covered and water is sprayed. Dust is collected by a dust collector....

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^MAGNETIC SEPARATORS NONFERROUS METAL SEPARATORS With eccentric magnet structure and high speed rotation, separation of material from aluminum, copper, as well as brass is made with high efficacy separation ratio! (Outline drawing of BMR-C casing included) Kanetec can provide complete units or separate rotating magnets only. (Outline drawing of BMR-rotating unit) Equipment for collecting aluminum cans exclusively is also available. Most suitable. (Outline drawing of aluminum separator)

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■Eccentric magnetic pole system that has a high separating capacity and prevents crushed pieces from getting caught Separation of nonferrous metals is achieved when a high velocity AC frequency of the magnetic field produces a strong eddy current in nonferrous metals, which in turn generates a magnetic field having repulsive action against the external magnetic field. This system employs an eccentric pole system to completely separate nonferrous metals from other materials. This system can prevent finely shredded or crushed nonferrous metal pieces from getting caught by the belt or drum...

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^MAGNETIC SEPARATORS SUSPENDED ELECTROMAGNETIC SEPARATOR BST Series" renewed based on many years of manufacture and marketing experience and computer-aided magnetic field ?JL analysis with significantly reduced weight and volume! Fully automatic discharge As for separation in wood material for biomass power generator! ■ Ideal magnet configuration realized! Our achievements in magnetic design and our pursuit to develop an optimum magnet based on magnetic field analysis, has resulted in a magnet configuration that exhibits the best separation and collection performance. To lengthen the iron...

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Model BSTR CONTROL UNIT New design slims the unit in size and Space saving and wall mountable! ^The outdoor specification is the standard. 1) Belt conveyor width for each model is just reterence. As the model to be selected can be different depending on flow width and volume to be treated, please consult with us. ;^2) The parallel suspension specification is optional.

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^MAGNETIC SEPARATORS Model HEM-C CIRCULAR ELECTROMAGNET FOR IRON REMOVAL The standard suspended electromagnet designed for removing iron from above conveyors. This model is suitable for removing iron from ores and various materials (glass, ceramics, sugar, paper, chemicals, etc.) as well as from crushed stone in crushing plants and from casting sand in casting plants. •Light weight and compact for easy handling. •Minimum maintenance and weather resistant. [ Connection diagram ) Cabtyre cable 5 m included ^The electromagnet power consumption applies to the use of 200 VAC (50 Hz). r^For use...

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HEM-C / HEM-BS / KPD / KPDL PERMANENT MAGNETIC DRUM Suitable for sorting wastes and removing iron from bulk materials in mining, ceramic, chemical and food industries. used 0A powerful permanent magnet is used and thus no power source is •The outside nonmagnetic drum is rotated to automatically discharge iron. •The drum shell is made of nonmagnetic stainless steel. and HE 500 mT (5000 G) Series are also available. •In addition to the permanent magnet type, an electromagnet type (KED)

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^MAGNETIC SEPARATORS DRUM TYPE MAGNETIC SEPARATOR Rotary drum Loading port Jron pieces) substances \ discharge port A motor-driven magnetic separating system designed with a permanent magnetic drum housed in a casing, automatically removes and collects iron pieces, bolts, etc. from raw materials loaded from a hopper. •Very easy to handle. •Compact and light weight for easy •The powerful magnetic force type having a large processing capacity. •Series below are also available. [An example of fabrication of KDS-300B-2-S 2-stage drum magnetic separator ]

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ELECTROMAGNETIC PULLEY These pulleys have been widely used in wastes processing systems, and used to remove iron from bulk materials in chemical, steel making, coal, food and mining industries. The electromagnetic pulley is equipped with a rectifier having an ammeter. The power

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^MAGNETIC SEPARATORS DRUM TYPE MAGNETIC SEPARATOR (An example of fabrication of KHDS) Bayer cyclo variable speed changer Gasification melting furnaces and slug processing Magnetic substances discharge port Inspection window Nonmagnetic substances discharge port Intermediates discharge port Relation between amounts to process In general, these parameters vary according to the specific gravity of substances to process, and such conditions of processing as the grain size, magnetized state, water content, etc. ^Accessory: DC power unit (Input 3-

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IThe high magnetic force separators are designed to generate a magnetic force as large as 2.6 T (26000 G) for separation of weak magnetic substances. In addition to the "induction roll type KID-R" and "cross belt type KID-B" that have a large processing capacity, a smaller capacity "induction type KID" and "electromagnetic filter KIF" are also available. Model KID-R INDUCTION TYPE MAGNETIC SEPARATOR rough separation ©Branch plate ©High magnetic force pole magnetic roller These separators are suitable for separation of weak magnetic substances that exist in powder and bulk materials of...

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