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Magnetic chucks include several types such as electromagnetic chucks, permanent magnetic chucks and permanent electromagnetic chucks, each having particular functional features. In the machining industry, it has been known since the beginning of the 20th century to apply magnets to holding workpieces. In particular, recent technological development has expanded the scope of applications of magnetic chucks from only grinding machines to heavy duty cutting processes by machining centers, lathes, milling machines, etc. Today the applications have further been expanded to include metallic mold machining and electric discharge machining. Thus, the magnetic chucks that meet these high precision machining requirements play a very important role in many machining fields. In addition to magnetic chucks, KANETEC offers chucks designed for nonmagnetic materials to respond to requirements in grinding of various materials. We believe you will find products in this brochure that meet your diversified needs. ■Types of Chucks by Applications Machining Applicable Chuck (Typical Model) ・Material rough  machining Heavy duty cutting ・ Machining center ・ Material cutting General cutting ・ General finishing ・ Material grinding ・ Milling machine ・ Lathe ・ Turning machine ・ General finishing ・ Rotary grinder ・ Surface grinder Electromagnetic: KESL ・ Precision finishing Precision grinding Electric  discharge machining ・ Mold machining Nonferrous machining  ・Grinding/ Weak cutting, etc. magnetism Permanent magnetic: RMT, RMAW Permanent magnetic: RMWH ・ Mold grinder Permanent magnetic: Super thin type RTH ・ Electric discharge machine Nonmagnetic materials: Vacuum chuck KVR Electromagnetic: KET Permanent electromagnetic: EPT Electromagnetic: KETL ・ Belt grinder ・ Finishing (Straightening) ・ Cylindrical grinder General grinding Electromagnetic: KETN Electromagnetic (round): KEC-AS Permanent electromagnetic (round): EPC-AST Permanent magnetic: RMA-C Electromagnetic: KETW Permanent electromagnetic: EPTW Electromagnetic (round): KEC-AR Permanent electromagnetic (round): EPC-AR ・ Finishing (Straightening) Heavy duty grinding  Machining load Light duty cutting  Electromagnetic: KETZ Permanent electromagnetic: EP-Q, EP-D Permanent electromagnetic (round): EPC-Z Electromagnetic: ACSHIM KEZF Permanent magnetic: RMA Permanent magnetic (round): RMC, RMC-X Permanent magnetic (round): RMCW Permanent magnetic: Cemented carbide CMR Nonmagnetic materials: PROMELTA SYSTEM PRB 150

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OVERVIEW OF MAGNETIC CHUCKS ■Overview and Features of Chucks ■Types of Electromagnetic Chucks Machining center Milling machine Large planomiller Milling and grinding machine, mass-production saw blade grinder Grinder, lathe, rotary grinder, turning machine (face lathe) Grinder Grinder, rotary grinder Applicable Machine Remarks KETZ ■Types of Permanent Magnetic Chucks ■Types of Permanent Electromagnetic Chucks

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Holding Power of Magnetic Chucks The holding power varies largely depending on the type of magnetic chucks and material, thickness and attractive area of workpieces and distribution of mass and surface roughness of the attractive face of workpieces. The following graphs show typical examples; you can refer to them for tendency. Please note, however, that values differ slightly among chucks. Always locate workpieces in such a manner that the holding area is positioned over both the N and S poles. There is no absolute rule for selection of pitches suitable for workpieces. A general guide,...

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OVERVIEW OF MAGNETIC CHUCKS Permanent electromagnetic chuck for cutting (An example of large size) Permanent magnetic chuck for electric discharge machine Vertical 2-face holding permanent electromagnetic chuck Permanent electromagnetic chuck for grinding (An example of large size) Chucks of special specifications not listed in this catalog are also available.

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