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CHIP & SLUDGE CONVEYANCE EQUIPMENT Model MS-F.FH.FHP MAGCLEAN* Magnetic coolant separator A type having a motor on the right side (MS-F-R) is also available. Maintenance parts available [Application] This unit is incorporated in the grinding fluid purification and circulation system for grinders to remove iron powder, a major part of purification. When this is used together with a tank in which particles other than iron powder such as abrasive grains are separated by floating and precipitation, repurified and regenerated grinding fluid can be supplied to grinders again. [Features] •The construction of a stationary magnet and a rotary outer drum shell has no magnet in the area of the rake plate to allow smooth discharge of sludge. (The life of the rake plate is also prolonged.) •The magnetic drum rotation drive construction has been modified to improve durability significantly. •The squeezing roller tensioning mechanism has been designed anew to improve the squeezing performance. •The squeezing roller and inlet areas are covered to enhance safety as well as to prevent grinding fluid from splashing/scattering. •The outlet can be located on the right, left or bottom to allow flexible change of the circulation system layout. •The high magnetic force type (MS-FaH: drum surface max. flux density 0.3T (3000G))/ super high magnetic force type (MS-FHP: 0.5T (5000G)) are most suitable for collection of weak magnetic and minute sludge. •A type having a motor on the right side (MS-F-R) is also available. Precaution for use This is dedicated to grinding fluid (water soluble) only. If you plan to use the Magclean under the following conditions or if you cannot decide a suitable model, please fill the Magclean inquiry sheet at the end of this catalog and consult with us in advance. •Grinding fluid is oil based. •Liquid other than grinding fluid is used (such as fresh water and chemical liquid). •The squeezing roller forced drive type is used. •KANETEC MS-D type is to be updated. •Liquid to use is not at normal temperature. ^Please see the Facsimile Communication Form (Selection Data) on page 171 also. ■Applications of Magclean Drum surface max. flux density 0.5T! f Principle of grinding I°machinefluid circulation Pump m y> o o X CO Machine Tools and Equipment Tank (Gravity separation) O: Effectively functions and high collection rate. △: Functions but collection rate and processing amount expected to drop. x: Not suitable. *1: Nonmagnetic fine particles such as abrasives can be collected. *2: Two steps of chip collection and fine iron powder collection are possible. *3: May not be collected by the standard type. Please contact us. [mm (in)]

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MAGCLEAN* HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE LEGS/INFLOW BOX (Optional) [Application] An optional unit to enable the Magclean to be mounted on a machine easily. Model MS-BS Application] Suitable for removal of iron powder from grinding fluid. If you plan to use this model for washing purpose (fresh water and other liquids), please contact us. ■Model designation of MS-BS When ordering MS-BS Series, be sure to specify the direction of the inlet and liquid discharge port in the model designation as follows: MS-24BS-B L — Direction of liquid discharge port L: Left when viewed from the sludge...

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Model FMS SUPER MAGCLEAN* > m od zz mo 81ss [Application] Suitable for removing iron from waste water in ironworks and cooling water for steel rolling. This model is also used to remove/ collect iron from washing water from blast furnaces, sintering furnaces, dust collectors and other industrial waste water. [Features] •A large capacity ranging from 60 t/h to 360 t/h and a wide variety of types. Highly economical. •A high rate of collection of iron from waste water for economical operations. A collection rate of 94.5% from waste water of 5% concentration (mixture ratio) of rolled scales of...

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[Application] Widely used as a means to transfer chips produced from machining by machine tools to a point of collection. If oil is sticking to chips, they can be degreased by letting oil drop naturally when chips are being transferred. In particular, this model is suitable for transferring chips from gear cutting machines, end milling machines and milling machines. This model can also be used for continuous transfer of granular parts. [Features] ■Superb durability and safety Simple construction and practically no maintenance required. Since the mechanically moving (rotating) parts are...

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Model KSCL NONLINEAR SPIRAL MAGNETIC CONVEYOR Flexible chip transfer! Lean layout to keep work environment neat! Shapes that fit installation space! > £D [Application] This model is suitable for places where the linear type KSC is difficult to install. [Features] ►The bending shape has been realized by a special construction. ►This model can be installed in a very small space such as inside a machine. ►The layout where two linear type units are used to circumvent the existing facilities can be replaced by one unit. ■KSCL-0712 specifications Applicable pipe diameter : 76.3 mm, Min. bending...

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KSCL / MCO / MCOL / CS / HSR-PU / HS FILTRATION SYSTEM WITH CYCLONE SEPARATOR Increased rate of removing impurities in coolant by magnet & cyclone! [Application] Suitable for efficiently collecting valuable sludge of weak magnetic and nonmagnetic materials. [Features] •The cyclone separator enables it collect nonmagnetic materials. •Collected materials can be dehydrated by the dehydration function. •A filter collection type dehydration container that is easy to handle is employed. •The twin-tub type tank construction reduces the amount of impurities that enter the clean tank. Model HSR-PU...

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