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Kane International Limited Gas Emissions Monitoring and Analysis “Real-time” software

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Kane Quintox The KM9106 Quintox has established itself as the most cost effective and versatile portable analyser. From its most basic form as a boiler tuning analyser it provides a versatile and cost effective platform that allows enhancements up to a fully portable semi-continuous emissions monitoring system. Rugged combustion probe wit stainless steel shaft, incorpora Rugged combustion probe with detachable stainless steel shaft, incorporating integral thermocouple. A comprehensive range of probes is available, allowing smoke measurement, higher temperatures and longer shafts. Clear,...

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Long Term Monitoring water trap. When monitoring for long periods with any analyser that uses electrochemical sensors a regular fresh air purge routine needs to be implemented. This helps maintain the chemical balance in the sensors and helps to protect them for either drying out, if being used with a gas preparation unit, or becoming too wet if being used with a standard probe extraction system. The KM9106 Quintox can be upgraded with the addition of both Main Purge and an Auto-draining water trap. This upgrade is an absolute requirement for any unattended or long term monitoring. The...

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Fireworks Kane’s new Fireworks software is the easiest way to see data from your Quintox on a PC. You can transfer data from the handset, see data in “realtime” or see previously stored data. Fireworks uses Windows software giving full flexibility to view, manage and report on boiler performance and emissions data. Producing graphs or reports takes the press of a button. Fireworks lets you make professional reports for your customers or your records. In addition standard reports can be customised, for example: • Boiler emissions Compute automatically outputs per year of CO, CO2, Nox and...

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