DL49 Digital Clamp-on Multimeter


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DL49 Digital Clamp-on Multimeter - 1

S > All inputs, ranges and functions protected to 600V CAT III!Includes test leads and carrying case with belt clipFeatures Include:ҕ 400 Amps AC/DC 600 Volts AC/DCՕ IEC CAT III 600 Volts AC/DC Resistance to 40 MegohmsՕ Continuity tone sounds at < 50 AutorangingՕ AC Amps peak hold 1 mV DC resolution allows use of DMM adapters size="-1">

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DL49 Digital Clamp-on Multimeter - 2

Size (H x W x D)7.68 x 3.06Ԕ x 1. 79 (195 x 77 x 46 mm)O p e rating Te m p e ra t u r e32ԋ to 113ڋF (0ڋ to 45ڋC)S t o rage Te m p e ra t u r e-4ڋ to 140ڋF (-20ڋ to 60ڋC) Relative Humidity (Storage & Use)0 to 80% RH We i g h t13 oz. (370 Gra m s ) C a l i b ration ScheduleA n n u a l UL Listing3111 - 1IEC Std.1010-1 (CAT III 600 Volts, 400 Amps)B a t t e ry9 Volt Alkaline (NEDA, 1604, 6F22, or 06P) Test Le a d sUEi Part # AT L 55 H o l s t e rUEi Part # AC 259 > 1-800-547-5740 ѕ Fax: (503) 643-6322www.ueitest.com Email: info@ueitest.com IN CANADA > PLEASERECYCLE Vancouver: Phone:...

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