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Commercial & Domestic Boiler Analyser KANE450 - 1

Hand Held Gas Analyser KANE450 O2 CO NO CO2 CO/CO2 Ratio Temp Pressure Optional Extras • 0-4,000 ppm CO sensor with H2 compensation - standard in UK Four line backlit display controlled by rotary switch Protective rubber sleeve with integral magnet for “hands free” use O2, CO, CO2, CO/CO2 ratio, temperature and efficiency readings Multi-fuel (natural gas, propane, butane, LPG, 28/35 sec oils) High accuracy differential manometer with resolution to 0.001 mbar with range to ± 80 mbar Differential thermometer for flow / return / Type K thermocouple probes) Hold, store and auto-store readings Reports include combustion test, tightness test, CO build-up and differential temperature Infra-red output to optional printer Torch light and backlit display 5 year extended warranty if serviced annually by Kane 0-1,000 ppm or 0-100 ppm NO sensor A range of Type K thermocouple probes 2 psi ± 160 mbar pressure sensor Bluetooth™ data transfer KMIRP infra-red thermal paper printer KANE ImPrint infra-red plain paper printer NiMH rechargeable batteries

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Commercial & Domestic Boiler Analyser KANE450 - 2

Infra-red printer emitter KANE450 Boiler Analyser takes the pressure Infra-red printer emitter and torch light The NEW KANE450 has all the features of a “top of the range” combustion analyser and is controlled by an “easy to use” rotary switch similar to the popular KANE250. Any four parameters can be viewed on the large backlit display. To change a parameter simply select the new one on the dial and press the enter button! Line select LED’s Menu controls ~ Scroll up/down Enter Function buttons x4 (See button guide for details) Rotary switch Particle lter Water trap It performs all...

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Commercial & Domestic Boiler Analyser KANE450 - 3

DATE TIME FUEL AUTO STORE ~ (stores up to 255 tests) From the menu select STORE, AUTO STORE, YES. Set the time interval (in seconds) between logs. The analyser starts logging as soon as you exit the menu and stops when you select STORE, AUTO STORE, NO. O2 CO2 CO FLUE INLT NETT EFF (N) PRS mBAR LOSSES % XAIR % To view the results select STORE, VIEW, then enter the log number required. Use the rotary dial and line selector to view the readings as normal. Use scroll up/down to view other log numbers. PRESSURE ~ (stores up to 8 tests) From the menu select REPORT, PRESSURE, TEST. KANE450...

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Commercial & Domestic Boiler Analyser KANE450 - 4

KANE450 ANALYSER SPECIFICATION Range 0-600oC (0-1200oC with special probe) (Internal sensor) (External sensor) Nitric Oxide (NO low range) (NOTE: MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE) 0.001 mbar to 24.999 bar then 1.01 mbar Temp Measurement Flue Temperature Inlet Temperature Select “Menu” on the rotary switch and navigate using the function buttons… Options / Comments OFF = fast response. ON = slow response HIGH, LOW, selects the number of decimal places View logged readings DD-MM-YY, MM-DD-YY Select the combustion efficiency calculation required ~ N = nett eff, G = gross eff, C = for condensing...

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