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Specications and Optional Extras GAS ANALYSERS Product Specifications: Parameter Carbon Monoxide (Infrared) Oxygen (Fuel Cell) Carbon Dioxide (Infra Red) Oil Temperature Optional: (only on some models) RPM Optional: (only on some models) *1 Using dry gases at STP Sensor Response T95 (Class 1) Pre-programmed Fuels Dimensions Weight Handset Probe Ambient Operating Range 15 Seconds Petrol (Gasoline), LPG, CNG and Diesel 1.1kg 220 x 55 x 120mm Insertion depth 350mm x Dia 15mm Clip handle to secure to exhaust, 4m long hose +5°C to +45°C/10% to 90% RH non condensing 0.8-1.2 11.76-17.64 12.48-18.72 *2 Applies only to Petrol and LPG *3 Applies to 5 Gas models only Optional Extras KMIRP Infrared Printer with thermal printer and AA batteries KANE IMPRINT Infrared Printer with standard paper roll and ink ribbon, supplied with rechargeable batteries, battery charger and 2 paper rolls Auto software kit with CL3 lead for PC interface Laptop style carry case Metal Carry Case Storage Temperature Battery Charger Input 110 Vac/230 Vac nominal Output 10 Vac off load High temp. EPAUTO2 probe with 17702 inline lter Analyser Battery Run Time >4 hours from full charge with the pump running High temp. probe with black hose Motorbike Probe with emission temperature measurement Available from: Kane International Limited Kane House, Swallowfield, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 1JG, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1707 375550 Warranty Email: All Kane products are warranted from the date of purchase. This warranty covers any defects in materials or manufacturing and applies worldwide. Kane Automotive is a division of Kane International Limited who specialise in the design and manufacture of electronic instruments for monitoring and optimising both energy usage and emissions from energy processes. Our Policy is to continuously develop and improve our products and so we reserve the right to change any part of our specifications without prior notice.

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Making emission testing easy and affordable Hand Held Exhaust Gas Analysers

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Hand Held Exhaust Gas Analysers Located in the United Kingdom, Kane International Ltd specialise in the design and manufacture of electronic instruments for monitoring and optimising both energy usage and emissions from energy processes. The Kane Auto 4 & 5 Series Exhaust Gas Analysers are truly portable that set new standards of convenience and ease of use. Weighing just 1Kg, the handset ts comfortably in the hand and can run for up to 4 hours on its internal re-chargeable battery. A multi-functional gas analyser ideal for emission diagnostics, tuning, pre-compliance testing and for...

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Kane Hand Held Exhaust Gas Analyser Range Product Selection: OIML CLASS 1 OIML Class 1 Certificate Test Result Storage - 255 Tests Auto Store Infra Red Printer Compatible Measures Oil/Exhaust Temperature Fast Warm Up (150 seconds) Fuel Types: Petrol/LPG/CNG/Diesel* Power Supply Internal Battery/12v/Mains Carry Case - Laptop style softcase Exhaust Probe - Stainless Steel Measured Gases *HC is not displayed in diesel mode Gas Analyser as a Diagnostic Tool Using the gas analyser as a diagnostic tool enhances its use. Some key faults that have an effect on gas emissions are listed in the table...

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