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TF series SECOTEC Refrigeration Dryers

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SECOTEC Refrigeration Dryers TF Series With SECOPACK LS Flow rate 17.0 to 34.0 m³/min

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Ecient, compact, maintenance-friendly The next generation: Even more ecient compressed air drying SECOTEC – that’s the name of KAESER’s renowned industrial quality refrigeration dryers that have long been valued for their stable pressure dew point performance, their exceptional dependability and their low total life-cycle costs. Together with the innovative SECOPACK LS latent heat storage heat exchanger system and the SIGMA CONTROL SMART controller, the next generation of these advanced dryers sets new standards when it comes to energy efciency, compact design and user-friendliness. Energy...

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SECOTEC TF The energy-ecient powerhouse Ecient refrigerant compressor The scroll refrigerant compressors used in SECOTEC TF dryers are up to 26% more efcient than reciprocating compressors. They therefore play an important role in ensuring the outstanding efciency of KAESER’S new refrigeration dryers. SECOTEC TF series refrigeration dryers from KAESER shine when it comes to their exceptionally low differential pressure. This is made possible thanks to the generously dimensioned ow crosssections within the heat exchanger and compressed air lines. Ecient thermal mass Minimal dierential...

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SECOTEC TF Dependable drying Monitored availability Compact condenser The innovative SIGMA CONTROL SMART controller controls thermal mass operation whilst constantly monitoring system temperature and pressure values. The automatic wire break and short circuit monitoring feature adds even greater operational reliability. Aluminium micro-channel condensers with large surfaces ensure effective contamination reserve and provide space-saving, compact design with low refrigerant volume requirement. This enables SECOTEC TF refrigeration dryers to deliver optimal drying performance even at high...

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SECOTEC TF Easy installation. Excellent accessibility. Easy installation and maintenance SECOTEC TF refrigeration dryers are accessed for operation and maintenance via the front and right sides. Access is not required to the other sides, meaning the dryer can be installed directly next to other structures or machines on two sides, resulting in further space savings. The control cabinet and maintenance components are easily accessible within the SECOTEC TF via two removable panels. Two access openings at the front enable rapid electrical connection (1) and easy cleaning of the condenser (2)....

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Intuitive operation Comprehensive information and intuitive operation The new generation of SECOTEC TF refrigeration dryers is equipped with the SIGMA CONTROL SMART electronic controller. With its colour display and language-neutral menu navigation, this advanced controller is exceptionally user-friendly. Operational status can be viewed at a glance via the dew point trend indicator, prominent display of active messages and current operating data, as well as a clearly arranged P&I diagram. Furthermore, a message memory and oating message contacts provide effective analysis and monitoring...

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Innovative partial-load control with Storage Plus Refrigeration dryer load 100% Temperature latent-heat thermal mass Switch-on point Phase change Storage Plus Switch-o point Refrigerant compressor Energy saving Energy saving (1) Refrigerant compressor runs: cooling action supplied for compressed air drying and cooling the thermal mass (2) Thermal mass solidies at constant temperature and transfers a signicant amount of heat to the refrigerant (3) Refrigerant further cools the thermal mass down to the cut-out temperature (6) Thermal mass melts at constant temperature, taking on a signicant...

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SECOPACK LS Air/air heat exchanger Air/refrigerant heat exchanger Heat transfer Condensate separator The high eciency module for maximum energy savings SECOTEC TF series refrigeration dryers are equipped with the innovative SECOPACK LS heat exchanger system. Its latent heat thermal mass is composed of a phase change material. Compressed air warms the material until its melting point (thermal mass discharge), absorbing melting heat in the process. This is signicantly greater than the amount of heat that it can absorb based on its normal specic heat capacity (without phase change properties)....

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The load on a refrigeration dryer depends on two factors: air ow rate and compressed air inlet temperature. Furthermore, the amount of moisture that must be removed varies with changing seasonal ambient temperatures. Maximum efciency therefore requires a switching concept like the SECOTEC storage control system from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN. Its load range is as broad as possible to ensure energy is used only as needed. SECOTEC – Maximum energy savings thanks to storage control There is no shortage of energy-saving controllers for refrigeration dryers. But even if some of these systems do enable...

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3 % electrical power consumption under nominal conditions (typical performance) Degree of drying as average pressure dew point in °C % Nominal ow volume (ISO 718, A1, PDP +3°C) % Refrigeration dryer load ▬ Ideal curve ▬ FC control (1 compressor) ▬ SECOTEC TF 340 ▬ Small thermal mass + hot gas bypass ▬ Hot gas bypass control ▬ Digital scroll control SECOTEC – Maximum energy savings thanks to storage control SECOTEC – Optimal drying with material-friendly operation Refrigeration dryer load constantly uctuates between 0 and 100%. Unlike conventional partial-load control systems, SECOTEC...

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Equipment Refrigerant circuit Refrigerant circuit comprising a scroll compressor, aluminium micro-channel condenser with fan, safety pressure monitor, lter dryer, thermostatic expansion valve, SECOPACK LS aluminium heat exchanger system and pressure transducer. SECOPACK LS Air/air and air/refrigerant heat exchanger with aluminium block design, integrated thermal mass sector with phase change material, condensate separator, heat insulation and temperature transducer. Technical specications and messages, message memory, operating hours counter and maintenance timer. Floating contacts...

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