Refrigeration dryers TG - TI series - 5 Pages

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Refrigeration dryers TG - TI series

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Savings day after day Energy- all their approximately bypass allows downtime, reduces extra are capacity, The innovative energy-saving system In developing the energy-saving dryer, KAESER’s goal was to produce a system that consumed minimal energy and which would provide optimal reliability and user friendliness. KAESER’s patented energysaving system fulfi ls all of these requirements and, in contrast to comparable refrigeration drying systems, uses a highly effi cient refrigerant compressor. Save energy and money with a high-effi ciency dryer Energy saving with KAESER For example: TH 451...

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High-effi ciency dryers – Eight decisive advantages Daily savings KAESER energy saving dryers consume electrical power only when actually drying air. The energy-saving control uses a combination of compressed air temperature measurement, programmable logic control and a refrigerant compressor that adjusts the size of its compression chamber according to fl ow volume. Electrical power consumption is directly proportional to air fl ow rate. For example, at 40 % maximum air fl ow rate, electrical power consumption is only 43 % of rated maximum. The result: signifi cant savings day in, day out,...

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General design Construction Tower layout with removable side panels; all panels powder-coated. All cold components are thermally insulated and all materials used are free of CFC. The integrated control cabinet is enclosure protected to IP 54 and contains a programmable logic controller. The dryer is equipped with air-to-air and air-to-refrigerant heat exchangers, a condensate separating system, an electronic condensate drain and toppositioned air connecting fl anges. Scope of delivery includes refrigerant and oil charge. Equipment Control panel Display of energy savings, current fl ow rate...

 Open the catalog to page 4 Dairies, breweries Choose the required grade of treatment according to your fi eld of application: Food and semi-luxury food production Very clean conveying air, chemical plants Air treatment using a refrigeration dryer (+3°C pressure dew point) For air mains subject to sub-zero temperatures: Compressed air treatment with a desiccant dryer (down to -70 °C pressure dew point) Pharmaceutical industry Weaving machines, photo labs Paint spraying, powder coating Packaging, control and instrument air General works air, high-grade sand blasting Shot blasting Low-grade shot blasting...

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