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KAESER FILTER compressed air filters

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KAESER FILTER Flow rate 0.60 to 14.20 m³/min

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KAESER FILTER Pure compressed air with lowest costs KAESER FILTER products are key components in delivering compressed air of all purity classes in accordance with ISO 8573-1 and they perform their duties with minimal pressure differential. Moreover, their service-friendly design not only ensures simple, error-free opening and closing of the lter housing, but also allows quick and clean element changes. KAESER FILTER products are available in four lter grades. Nine housing sizes provide efcient ltration for ow rates from 0.60 to 14.20 m³/min. Standard purity The KAESER FILTER range uses...

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KAESER FILTER Low dierential pressure for maximum eciency Generously-dimensioned connection anges on KAESER FILTER products help keep pressure losses to an absolute minimum. Since KAESER FILTER products are available with air connection anges of various sizes, there is no need for reducer sections when connecting to different air distribution networks. Source: http://www.kit.edu KAESER FILTER equipment uses lter elements with specially ow-optimised element heads. The lter inlet is offset towards the air inlet, which in turn increases the ow cross-section at the air discharge side and...

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Degree of ltrati ltration on Initial dierential press ure at saturation Aerosol content at inlet inlet Remaining aeros ining ol content at outlet as per ISO 12500-1 * Filter medium KE Coalescence lte r Extra < 200 mbar Deep-pleated wit h support structur e and polyester dra inage bre bre Filtration of solids, liquids, aerosols and particulate matte r Same eld of us eld e as for KB, but for higher compresse d air quality KD Particulate lter Dust < 30 mbar (New, dry) Deep-pleated with support struc ture Exclusively for ltration of particulate matte r KA Activated carbon lte lter Adsorption <...

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KAESER FILTER Safe handling, service-friendly design Image: Coalescence lter with ECO-DRAIN 31 F Easy element change Safe opening KAESER FILTER units can be easily opened by hand and are quick and clean to service. The lter element can simply be unscrewed once the lter housing with element is released from the head. Minimal installation space is required beneath the lter. A stop screw protects the lter housing from unintentional opening. If released, a seal is broken and a vent hole subsequently comes into use. A warning venting sound can be heard if pressure is present. Standard coating:...

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KAESER FILTER In order to ensure that the required grade of compressed air purity is consistently maintained, the lter elements should be replaced at the end of their service life. In addition, dependable condensate drainage is an essential part of reliable and environmentally-sound ltering out of aerosols. The automatic ECO-DRAIN 31 F condensate drain was especially designed for use with coalescence lters – accumulating condensate is reliably removed without pressure loss. Pilot valve Condensate drain service timer Level sensor Diaphragm valve Collection chamber Filter element service...

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Optimum air quality for your applications

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Image 3: KB/KE Image 4: KD Image 2: KB/KE Image 1: KB/KE Coalescence lter with ECO-DRAIN 31 F Corrosion-protected, coated aluminium housing with connection anges (congurable nominal widths); stop screw; differential pressure gauge and rotatable angle ball valve (components installed complete); KB or KE lter element, as well as ECO-DRAIN 31 F electronic condensate drain with maintenance management (included) – Image 1 Coalescence lter with ECO-DRAIN 30 Corrosion-protected, coated aluminium housing with connection anges (congurable nominal widths); stop screw; differential pressure gauge and...

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Additional options Various connection sizes The different sizes of housing models for KAESER FILTER units are available with factory-installed connection anges of various nominal sizes. Furthermore, there is a choice of BSP and NPT threaded connections. KAESER FILTER units can therefore be adapted to suit the sizing of the respective pipe distribution network without the need for reducer sections. Convenient and stable wall-mounting brackets are available as an optional accessory for KAESER FILTER units – they attach easily to the connection anges. A kit that enables mounting of lter...

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Technical specications Model Flow rate Compressed air connection (Option) Gauge pressure Ambient temperature Inlet temperature Compressed air Maximum mass Model Modell Electrical supply ECO-DRAIN Performance data at 7 bar gauge pressure based on 1 bar ambient pressure absolute and 20 °C. The ow rate diers for deviating operating conditions. G compressed air connections as per ISO 228, optional NPT connections as per ANSI B 1.20.1 G compressed air connections as per ISO 228, alternatively NPT as per ANSI B 1.20.1 Correction factors for deviating operating conditions (ow rates in m³/min x...

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Choose the required grade of treatment according to your field of application: Examples: Selection of treatment classes to ISO 8573-1 (2010) Pharmaceuticals industry, weaving machines, photo labs Paint spraying, powder coating packing, control and instrument air Particulate lter, dust Coalescence lter, Extra Carbon Combination Refrigeration dryer Bag lter Centrifugal separator Compressed air quality classes to ISO 8573-1(2010): Extra Combination Optional filtration Coalescence lter, Basic Activated carbon lter, adsorption Foodstuff and luxury food production, especially clean conveying air,...

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