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Filters & Centrifugal separators

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Filters & Centrifugal Separators Air flow rates 0.58 to 248 m3/min

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Air filters Centrifugal separator High-pressure filters Sterile filters Dependable and efficient Why use compressed air filters? On average, a compressor sucks in up to 190 million particles of dirt, hydrocarbons, viruses and bacteria with every cubic meter of atmospheric air. The compressor itself can only remove the larger particles and the majority of the contaminants remain in the compressed air. This means that for most applications careful treatment of the air is necessary: Clean, quality compressed air maximises air-tool service life, ensures that pneumatic machinery and control...

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FFG micro-filter combination comprises: FF micro-filter and FG activated carbon filter Optionally available without electronic condensate drain ("Standard version") Perfectly matched to compressor and compressed air treatment equipment, Kaeser’s extensive range of filters ensures that all relevant compressed air quality classes are maintained reliably and efficiently over the long-term. Tailored filtration for every compressed air need Filter change maintenance indicator The filter monitor ... (optional) ... indicates when filter change is required. • Microprocessor-controlled LCD display •...

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FST sterile filter Electronically controlled condensate drain (recommended) Complete set with installation components Centrifugal separator ZK 061 to ZK 10 For sterile air: The FST sterile filter is made of high quality 1.4301 (304) stainless steel that prevents bacterial growth and corrosion. The upper and lower housings are fitted with BSP screw connections and plugs. All filter elements are subjected to multiple testing at the factory to ensure unrivalled reliability. All components comply with FDA regulations concerning contact with foodstuffs as per CFR (Code of Federal Regulations)...

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Rotary screw compressor High pressure air receiver Air receiver Booster Compressed air system with booster High pressure refrigeration dryer Pre-filter Air tools Schematic illustration High pressure micro-filter 45 bar compressed air network Low pressure network up to 13 bar Filters for 48 or 62 bar KAESER high-pressure 48/62 bar filters are available for installation at the booster outlet for special high-pressure applications, e.g. PET container production. These also ensure certified compressed air quality. 48/62 bar filters for every compressed air need Filter housing Durable,...

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Filter monitor box The Filter Monitor Box allows remote filter monitoring. It evaluates the signals from a filter monitor, as well as from an ECO DRAIN condensate drain, and can pass messages to a central maintenance control system via two alarm contacts. Group alarm (volt-free contact) Indication of (time-controlled) service interval for filter element change Indication of optimum time for filter element change computed via measurement value processing Maximum differential pressure exceeded (2 minute delay) Condensate drain alarm Safety alarm (volt-free contact only active in safety mode)...

 Open the catalog to page 8 P-725ED.18/09 Specifications are subject to change without notice Dairies, breweries Choose the required grade of treatment according to your field of application: Food and luxury food production Very clean conveying air, chemical plants Air treatment using a refrigeration dryer (pressure dew point + 3 °C) For air mains subject to sub-zero temperatures: Compressed air treatment with a desiccant dryer (pressure dew point to -70 °C) Pharmaceutical industry Weaving machines, photo labs Paint spraying, powder coating Packaging, control and instrument air General works air,...

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