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Trades Compressors PREMIUM series - 1

Trades Compressors PREMIUM Series Flow rate 83 to 440 l/min Pressure 10 to 25 bar

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Trades Compressors PREMIUM series - 2

PREMIUM Series To fulfil their wide range of applications, PREMIUM series products meet the very highest standards in quality, reliability and versatility. You'll find a model to suit every application. Carefully constructed using the very best materials, each unit ensures a long, efficient and reliable service life. Proven quality, robust design and long maintenance intervals make PREMIUM series compressors from KAESER the ideal choice for everyday use. Precision machining High-grade lubricating fluid Using the most advanced manufacturing processes and with more than 80 years of experience...

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Trades Compressors PREMIUM series - 3

The ideal trades compressor for every need PREMIUM COMPACT Construction sites Construction related applications KAESER-quality compressor block Made from premium grade materials and subjected to rigorous inspection, each KAESER KOMPRESSOREN compressor block is meticulously machined and assembled to ensure outstanding compressed air performance, efficiency and durability. Compressor block with 1 cylinder Compressor block with 2 cylinders

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Trades Compressors PREMIUM series - 4

PREMIUM CAR – for the construction site KAESER “PREMIUM CAR” compressors are perfectly equipped to meet the needs of a wide range of construction site applications. Their compact design makes transportation easy and ensures excellent stability meaning that the compressor cannot tip over. A robust cover plate and solid frame protect "PREMIUM CAR" compressors against the toughest of operating conditions. Receiver internally coated Turn to pages 12-13 for technical specifications Stucco removal made simple Stucco removal is a demanding and time-consuming task. The PREMIUM CAR is the perfect...

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Trades Compressors PREMIUM series - 5

Impressive nailing performance Safe & easy to transport KAESER PREMIUM CAR series trades compressors are also perfectly suited to carpentry applications. Their impressive performance when using air nailer guns makes them a powerful and efficient partner for every roofer. With their compact design, PREMIUM CAR trades compressors are convenient and efficient work companions. Not only stable and secure to safeguard against tipping over, they are also equipped with two sturdy wheels to allow easy transportation on the construction site.

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Trades Compressors PREMIUM series - 6

PREMIUM COMPACT – for construction related applications PREMIUM COMPACT models are especially suited to subcontractors working on smaller construction related jobs, as often only one tradesman is at work at any given time. The units’ special design enables easy single-handed manoeuvrability. PREMIUM COMPACT compressors are ideal for applications such as stripping floor coverings, interior work and renovation tasks. Turn to pages 12-13 for technical specifications Image: PREMIUM COMPACT 250/30W Stapling – fast and effective Stapling saves time and is invaluable when it comes to fastening...

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Trades Compressors PREMIUM series - 7

Image: PREMIUM COMPACT 350/30W Image: PREMIUM COMPACT 450/30W Image: PREMIUM COMPACT 160/4W Image: PREMIUM SILENT 130/10W Professional jointing and sealing Silicon work not only has to be accurate, but also has to be carried out quickly. PREMIUM COMPACT trades compressors therefore provide you with a constant supply of compressed air to allow you to seal joints quickly and effectively. With impressive power and performance, PREMIUM COMPACT series compressors are also easy to transport. Their compact design makes them surprisingly easy to manoeuvre, even when climbing stairs.

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Trades Compressors PREMIUM series - 8

PREMIUM – for the workshop PREMIUM trades compressors are exceptionally versatile and are ideally suited to use in the demanding field of automotive repair. Whether carrying out rapid tyre changes, repairing minor bodywork damage or supplying compressed air to small workshops, a PREMIUM compressor from KAESER is the perfect choice. Receiver internally coated Turn to pages 14-15 for technical specifications Impact wrench power No matter whether in the workshop or at home, PREMIUM series trades compressors have all of your workshop needs covered, such as quick and easy tightening and...

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Trades Compressors PREMIUM series - 9

Multifaceted sanding & grinding Effortless painting Random orbit sanders, straight grinders, orbital sanders, cut-off and angle grinders – your compressed air demand is as multifaceted as your sanding and grinding equipment, which is why PREMIUM series trades compressors are the ideal choice for even the most varied of compressed air requirements. Enjoy brilliant results every time for all of your painting jobs with PREMIUM series trades compressors. Paint and transform large surface areas quickly and effortlessly. KAESER has the perfect compressed air solution to cover all of your painting...

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Trades Compressors PREMIUM series - 10

Pressure switch with unloaded start Filter pressure reducer with quick connect Image: PREMIUM COMPACT 450/30 W PREMIUM – Quality at a glance The exceptional quality of KAESER’s products is achieved by using the very best materials and components. The sum of all high quality components makes a high quality whole. The components used in PREMIUM series compressors are of the highest quality standards for which the KAESER name is renowned throughout the world. Receiver internally coated Image: KAESER-quality compressor block

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Trades Compressors PREMIUM series - 11

Silenced air intake filter Image: PREMIUM COMPACT 450/30 W The key compressor components are highlighted below: 1) Silenced air intake filter Reciprocating compressor block Air receiver (internally coated) Maintenance-free 1:1 direct drive Pressure switch with unloaded start Ribbed cooling pipes Filter pressure regulator with quick connect Pressure relief valve Check valve Oil filler port with vent Terminal box with overload protection

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Trades Compressors PREMIUM series - 12

Technical specifications PREMIUM CAR Model Intake volume Rated power motor Sound pressure level 1) Dimensions WxDxH Intake volume Rated power motor Sound pressure level 1) Dimensions WxDxH PREMIUM COMPACT Model Sound pressure level calculated from the measured average sound power level (Directive 2000/14/EG, sound measurement basic standard ISO 3744) as per EN ISO 11203 at distance d = 1m, Q2 = Enveloping surface dimension dB. With stair wheel Flow rate and performance data as per ISO 1217:2009, Annex C

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