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Trades Compressors CLASSIC series - 1

Trades Compressors CLASSIC Series Flow rate 109 to 234 l/min Pressure 10 bar

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Trades Compressors CLASSIC series - 2

CLASSIC series We have designed CLASSIC series compressors especially for small, up-and-coming trades businesses. The product range focuses on common sizes allowing us to deliver exceptional value for money with impressive compressed air performance. Precision machining High-grade lubricating fluid Using the most advanced manufacturing processes and with more than 80 years of experience in precision engineering, KAESER’s skill and expertise guarantees products of the very highest quality standards. Every KAESER trades compressor is filled with special high-grade lubricating fluid that...

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Trades Compressors CLASSIC series - 3

Image: CLASSIC reciprocating compressor block

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Trades Compressors CLASSIC series - 4

CLASSIC – Outstanding quality and value Standardised components and a focus on well-established models ensure that KAESER’s CLASSIC series compressors provide outstanding quality, value and performance. Every CLASSIC series compressor is equipped with a durable KAESER compressor block to guarantee optimum reliability and long service life. The compressor package as a whole is also engineered for optimum performance. Receiver internally coated KAESER compressor block The heart of the unit, the compressor block, is made in Germany at the Coburg production facility. All KAESER CLASSIC series...

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Trades Compressors CLASSIC series - 5

Image: CLASSIC mini 210/10 W Precision machining The cylinders in all CLASSIC series compressors receive a cross-ground surface as part of the intricate plateau honing process. This cross-ground surface not only improves sliding of the piston within the cylinder, but also reduces oil consumption. Using the most advanced manufacturing processes and with more than 80 years of experience in precision engineering, KAESER’s skill and expertise guarantees products of the very highest quality.

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Trades Compressors CLASSIC series - 6

CLASSIC – Typical fields of use CLASSIC series compressors are especially well-suited to automotive tasks as well as to construction and renovation applications. CLASSIC series compressors power the following compressed air tools, amongst many others: Receiver internally coated Spray guns, tyre inflators, blow-off guns, impact wrenches and chipping hammers. Optimum tyre pressure CLASSIC series trades compressors are the perfect choice for quick and easy inflation of car and lorry tyres. With the appropriate tyre inflator, you can be sure that you always have the optimum and correct tyre...

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Trades Compressors CLASSIC series - 7

Impact wrench power No matter whether in the workshop or at home, CLASSIC series compressors have all of your workshop needs covered, such as quick and easy tightening and loosening of wheel nuts, with KAESER compressed air and Made in Germany quality. Effortless painting Enjoy brilliant results every time for all of your painting jobs with CLASSIC series trades compressors. Paint and transform large surface areas quickly and effortlessly. KAESER has the perfect compressed air solution to cover all of your painting needs.

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Trades Compressors CLASSIC series - 8

fmachen Image: CLASSIC 320/50 W The exceptional quality of KAESER’s products is achieved by using the very best materials and components. The sum of all high quality components creates a high quality whole. The components used in CLASSIC series compressors are of the highest quality standards for which the KAESER name is renowned throughout the world. The key compressor components are highlighted as follows: 1) Silenced air intake filter 2) Reciprocating compressor block 3) Maintenance-free 1:1 direct drive 6) Filter pressure regulator with quick connect 7) Pressure relief valve 9) Oil...

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Trades Compressors CLASSIC series - 9

Your advantages The best choice for lower compressed air demand Many workshop businesses use compressed air only intermittently, as they do not require large volumes of compressed air on a continuous basis. In such cases, CLASSIC series trades compressors are the ideal choice. They operate for only as long as compressed air is required and switch off again once the air receiver has been filled - this saves both energy and money. Carefree and durable High-quality materials and precision machining ensure reliable operation and long service intervals (oil changes only required every 2 years or...

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Trades Compressors CLASSIC series - 10

1 Emissions sound power level calculated from the measured average sound power level (Directive 2000/14/EC, Sound measurement basic standard ISO 3744) as per EN ISO 11203 with d=1m, Q2 = Enveloping surface dimension dB. Flow rate and performance data as per ISO 1217:2009, Annex C

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Trades Compressors CLASSIC series - 12

The world is our home As one of the world’s largest compressed air system providers and compressor manufacturers, KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is represented throughout the world by a comprehensive network of branches, subsidiary companies and authorised partners in over 100 countries. With innovative products and services, KAESER KOMPRESSOREN’s experienced consultants and engineers help customers to enhance their competitive edge by working in close partnership to develop progressive system concepts that continuously push the boundaries of performance and compressed air efficiency. Moreover, the...

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