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SIGMA AIR MANAGER Compressed Air Management Systems For up to 4/8/16 compressors

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Teleservice The Sigma Air Manager can be seamlessly integrated into KAESER’s TELECARE remote access service. Each unit is equipped with standard modem interfaces that enable all relevant data to be instantly transmitted to the KAESER Service Centre via SMS or telephone. Logical operation An easy to read 240 x 128 pixel screen displays operational data in any one of 30 selectable languages, including Chinese and Japanese. Parameter setting is made simple via logically structured, plain text menus. Precision pressure band control The Sigma Air Manager utilises modern pressure band control...

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Simple installation and connection The Sigma Air Manager and Sigma Control are both equipped with Profibus DP interfaces. This feature reduces the amount of wiring required to connect the compressor to the Sigma Air Manager to just one cable with standard Profibus DP plugs.The Sigma Air Manager 4/4 and 8/4 are specially designed for quick and easy wall mounting. Clear menu structure Simple and logical menu design make system navigation easy. The combination of four cursor keys and six multifunction keys enables rapid menu-point access and selection, whilst clear symbols and graphics make...

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Rule of thumb: A 1 bar reduction in pressure reduces energy costs by approx. 6 % (excluding leakages). When also taking normal leakage rates into consideration, the actual energy saving is approx. 10 %. Intelligent trend-recognition for consistent working pressure The SIGMA AIR MANAGER ’s trend recognition feature is able to monitor upper and lower pressure bandwidth parameters and forecast compressed air demand. This prevents premature and unnecessary activation of additional compressors, thereby reducing energy consumption. Precision pressure measurement to within 0.01 bar ensures optimum...

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l!MiHJ:l COMPRESSORS Examples: /Year Example typical for the following parameters:  Single-shift opration (2000 operating hours)  Compressed air system comprising 3 compressors (1 x SM 8, 2 x ASK 32) with cascade pressure adjustment (1 bar) 镕 Pressure control with "SAM": ± 0.1 bar  Possible pressure reduction (Pmin) in shift operation: 0.5 bar Օ Previous total compressor loading: 75 % (without master control system)  Energy price: 0.10 Հ/kWh 1. Prcision pressure control saves energy The Sigma Air Manager's precision pressure control system enables compressors to operate at a lower pressure...

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Information technology with global access Compressed air system data stored and processed in the Sigma Air Manager can be transferred via an analogue modem and a telephone line or computer network (Ethernet). SMS messages, for example, can be forwarded to a service technician’s mobile telephone as part of KAESER’s ‘Teleservice’ facility. The SIGMA AIR MANAGER ensures unrivalled compressed air system efficiency. Key operational data are displayed in HTML pages and long-term memory capability is also available. @ Telephone network Ethernet RS 232 Send maintenance / alarm messages via SMS to...

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1) e.g. SIGMA AIR MANAGER 8/4: total of 8 compressors, e.g. 6 with SIGMA CONTROL and 2 without SIGMA CONTROL 2) Possible Profibus converters: PBU 4+4, PBU 8, PBU 8R, PBU 8K, PBU 32, PBU 8/4+4K; max. 80 inputs 3) R S 232 available for direct use of SIGMA AIR CONTROL basic and plus visualisation: - max. cable length 15 m - connection of an interface converter to RS 485, max. cable length 800 m 4) For SIGMA AIR CONTROL basic and plus within an in-house VPN 5) For connection of screw compressors with Sigma Control and KAESER Profibus converter System requirements for SIGMA AIR CONTROL...

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P-790ED.8/08 Specifications are subject to change without notice Worldwide sales and service network: KAESER – Always there With over 3000 employees worldwide, Kaeser is one of the world’s foremost compressor manufacturers and providers of compressed air systems. Kaeser is represented in every major industrial nation throughout the world by 38 subsidiary companies and 48 authorised partners. Algeria Argentina Australia Austria Bangladesh Bahrain Belarus Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China Columbia Costa Rica Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Estonia...

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