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Why is it necessary to dry compressed air? The atmospheric air drawn into a compressor is a mixture of gases that always contains water vapour. However, the amount of water vapour that air can carry depends on the temperature. As air temperature rises – as happens during compression – the air's ability to hold moisture increases also. When the air is cooled, its capacity to hold moisture reduces, which causes the water vapour to condense. This condensate is then removed in the centrifugal separator, or the air receiver, downstream from the compressor. Even then, the air can still be...

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KMM – Eight Decisive Advantages 1 2 3 4 8 7 6 5 Energy-Saving Purge Air Stop To avoid unnecessary fl ow of purge air, the solenoid outlet can be set to close during times when there Furthermore, the valve provides unrivalled reliability well in excess of 1 million switching sequences under Super-fine Membrane Fibres Compared with conventional membrane fi bres, the Modules (KMM) are much fi ner and far more densely the surface area available for compressed air drying achieves superior drying results. The fi bres are also means that they provide exceptional performance Condensate Drainage...

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Versions and Options Comprehensive design know-how Rotary screw compressor Centrifugal separator Refrigeration dryer Air receiver Aquamat KMM dryer with filter ECO DRAIN condensate drain Metal wall bracket Wall mounting of the KMM unit is made simple via the wall brackets Specifications – KMM Membrane Typically ensuring a load capacity of 95 % or more, KAESER compressed air systems provide exceptional effi ciency and produce application specifi c quality compressed air at lowest possible cost. Use this expertise to your advantage: Let KAESER design your compressed air system. Installation...

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Membrane dryers KMM series - 5 Process air Applications subject to sub-zero temperatures e.g.: Workshops, petrol stations etc. Choose the required grade of treatment according to your field of application: Air treatment using a membrane dryer (pressure dew point down to-40 °C) Compressor unit Aquamat THNF KAESER Remaining oil content to 0.003 mg/m3, r A etention of particles up to 0.01 ìm. Purge air stop option: Prevents air losses during downtime Solids Water Oil Bacteria A 1 2-3 1 Solids Water Oil Bacteria A 1 2-3 1 Examples: Selection of treatment classes to ISO 8573-1 1) Explanation: CS = Cyclonic...

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