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Membrane dryers KMM series - 1

Membrane Dryers KMM Series Flow rate at inlet up to 4.40 m3/min

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Membrane dryers KMM series - 2

The atmospheric air drawn into a compressor is a mixture of gases that always contains water vapour. The amount of water vapour air can carry varies and is mostly dependent on temperature. When air temperature rises – as happens during compression – the air's ability to hold moisture increases also. When the air is cooled, its capacity to hold moisture reduces, which causes the water vapour to condense. This condensate is then removed in the centrifugal separator, or the air receiver, downstream from the compressor. Even then, the air can still be completely saturated with water vapour....

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Membrane dryers KMM series - 3

Membrane separation layer KMM – Eight decisive advantages 1 ‘Flow’ concept Energy-saving purge air stop valve (Option) Porous support layer To avoid unnecessary flow of purge air, the solenoid stop valve on the purge air outlet can be set to close during times when there is no compressed air demand. Furthermore, the valve provides unrivalled reliability and operated perfectly for well in excess of 1 million switching sequences under rigorous testing conditions. Each hollow membrane fibre consists of a highly porous support layer and an internal separating membrane layer that is permeable only...

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Membrane dryers KMM series - 4

Technical specifications – KMM membrane filter dryers Model Inlet volume* (m3/min) with pressure dew point reduction Air connection Internal thread Suitable pre-filter model Only dryer With filter *) Equivalent to ISO 7153, Option A: Reference point 1 bar(abs), 20 °C, operating point: Inlet pressure 7 bar (g), Ambient temperature 20 °C. – Please contact our technical department with regards to deviating operating conditions and special applications. — **) Mass purge air stop valve approx. 1 kg D Purge air stop valve (option) Space to carry out service work Correction factors for deviating...

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Membrane dryers KMM series - 5

Quality class as per ISO 8573.1 and pressure dew point Pressure dew point Class 6 +10 °C Class 5 Fields of use for membrane dryers Refrigeration dryer • Limited space and/or mobile operation (container, vehicle) • Seasonal operation at sub-zero temperatures downstream of a refrigeration dryer for pressure dew points below +3 °C (workshops, petrol stations) Desiccant dryer Class 3 • Drying of relatively small air volumes directly at air-consuming equipment, e.g. CNC machines DN/DW Heat regenerated Flow rate Different fields of application require different grades of air treatment Choose the...

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