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KAESER Blowers Low Pressure Solutions With the world-renowned SIGMA or OMEGA rotor profile Flow rate 0.59 to 160 m³/min Pressure differential: Pressure up to 1100 mbar, Vacuum up to 550 mbar www.kaeser.com

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KAESER Blowers The world-renowned compressor and blower manufacturer Established by Carl Kaeser Sr. as a machine workshop in 1919, KAESER started on the road to becoming one of the world’s leading compressed air systems providers when the first reciprocating compressor left the Coburg production line in 1948. The final breakthrough came in the early 1970s with the development of the rotary screw compressor featuring the energysaving SIGMA PROFILE. Gera plant In 1991, KAESER acquired the ‘Geraer Kompressorenwerke’, a company with a proud heritage of over 100 years of compressor and blower...

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Food processing General industry Beverage industry Chemicals industry Water management Bulk material conveying Maritime applications Efficient and oil-free gas transportation, pneumatic conveying, drinking and wastewater treatment (filter cleaning and clarifier aeration), liquid homogenisation and forced air systems for combustion equipment; the possibilities are almost endless – KAESER blowers are as versatile and varied as the applications that they are u

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How a KAESER rotary lobe blower works The pressure build-up process – the images show a cross-sectional view through the flow chamber of the KAESER OMEGA rotary lobe blower block. Pressure build-up Oil-free, isochoric compression process As the intake air passes through the rotary lobe blower’s flow chamber, its volume remains constant (isochoric process). Actual compression takes place outside of the blower block with the accumulation of the air mass taking place in the subsequent process. This “adaptive” compression always produces only the amount of pressure needed by the process. This...

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How a KAESER rotary screw blower works The pressure build-up process – the images show cross-sections of the enclosed volume in the KAESER SIGMA-B rotary screw blower airend, with a view from the pressure side of the rotor pair. Oil-free, isentropic compression process As the intake air passes through the rotary screw blower’s flow chamber, its volume remains largely constant (isentropic process). Actual compression takes place inside the airend: The volume of air is continuously reduced until discharge and pushed out under pressure – because less effort is required for compression of the...

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CBS & DBS drive concept In the CBS and DBS series, drive power transmission from the motor to the blower airend occurs with an integrated gear transmission. This has proven to be the best solution for the speeds in this performance and size class with regards to efficiency, reliability and durability. EBS & FBS belt drive – refined to perfection The pivoting motor base with tensioning spring ensures precision belt tensioning, irrespective of motor weight, to provide optimum transmission efficiency at all times. As a result of KAESER’s decades of experience in compressor design and...

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Rotary screw blowers – the efficient SIGMA PROFILE Developed in the company’s in-house Research and Development centre, KAESER rotary screw blower airends with world-renowned SIGMA PROFILE rotors are up to 35 percent more efficient than conventional designs. This highly efficient blower airend features a wide control range and ensures virtually constant specific power. In addition to efficiency, durability was also an essential development goal. The use of high-tech bearings and no need for ancillary equipment further minimises energy consumption and also enhances reliability. Technical...

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Rotary screw blowers – CBS, DBS, EBS, FBS & HBS SFC / STC version Delivered as user-friendly, turnkey systems, KAESER rotary screw blowers simply need to be installed in position, connected to the air distribution network and the electrical supply and you’re ready to go! The laborious processes of oil-filling, drive belt installation, motor adjustment, procurement of a suitable frequency converter, programming, cabling in accordance with EMC regulations, drawing of circuit diagrams, arranging CE and EMC certification etc. are thankfully things of the past. There’s no doubt about it:...

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Specific powe variable speed Delivery volum Optimised specific power Process air and cooling air for the motor are drawn in separately from outside of the enclosure. This boosts efficiency and leads to a higher usable air mass flow rate for the same power consumption. The blowers can operate at full capacity at ambient temperatures up to +45 °C. The moderate maximum speed, the extra dense rotary screw profile and the near constant specific power across the wide variable speed control range all combine to achieve significant energy savings throughout the entire operating curve.

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Durable OMEGA blower block The OMEGA blower block delivers pressures up to 1000 mbar(g), discharge temperatures up to 160 °C, wide control range with frequency-controlled operation, Q 2.5 rotor balancing for quieter operation, extended service life and minimal maintenance requirement. Durable bearings Heavy-duty cylinder roller bearings completely absorb the continuously changing radial gas-forces. As a result, they avoid the springing effect of self-aligning bearings and last up to ten times longer with the same loading.

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Rotary lobe blowers – air at the touch of a button The special OMEGA Profile in KAESER’s three-lobe rotary lobe blowers makes these machines true masters of efficiency. The long-term dependability and durability of these units are legendary. This is attributed to design features such as the use of straight-cut timing gears, heavy-duty cylinder roller bearings and precisely balanced rotors. Technical specifications for the full turnkey version: Usable flow rate: 1.5 to 72 m³/min Differential pressure: - Pressure up to 1000 mbar - Vacuum to 500 mbar Precision manufacture/synchronisation...

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