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Combination Dryer HYBRITEC Flow rate 12.0 to 150.0 m³/min

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HYBRITEC In a Class of their Own The clever combination for efficient, dependable compressed air drying HYBRITEC compressed air dryers combine the energy-saving functionality of modern refrigeration dryers with the exceptionally low pressure dew point of desiccant dryers – a truly “cool combination” in these times of increasing energy costs. Just set the pressure dew point Most industrial applications require a source of quality, dry compressed air to prevent the accumulation of condensate in air distribution networks and to minimise the associated risk of costly system failures. The...

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Hybritec Combination Dryer - 3

HYBRITEC In a Class of their Own Automatic temperature sensing HYBRITEC dryers are quick and easy to install. Standardised components are mounted on a base frame ready for immediate operation – quick, easy and effortless. Equipped with a dependable thermostat control system, HYBRITEC dryers are able to automatically switch from frost protection operation at colder times of the year to pure refrigeration dryer mode during the warmer months. Long desiccant service life 10-year desiccant service life As the air entering the desiccant dryer section has already been dried to a PDP of +3 °C, it...

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Hybritec Combination Dryer - 4

HYBRITEC Double efficiency Outside temperature (°C) 20 15 10 5 0 –5 Flexible standard products Seasonal temperature profile KAESER HYBRITEC dryers offer an exceptional level of standardisation for both the desiccant and refrigeration drying stages, yet ensure outstanding flexibility when it comes to providing a tailored solution in order to meet the needs of a specific application. The HYBRITEC’s combination approach for applications requiring frost protection has clear energy advantages both over stand-alone desiccant dryers and separate components installed in series. Actual power...

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Hybritec Combination Dryer - 5

Function overview Compressed air inlet Compressed air temperature: Pressure dew point: Water content: Relative humidity: “Summer” “Winter” Approx. + 35 °C Approx. + 35 °C 39.5 g/m³ 100 % Compressed air outlet Compressed air temperature: Pressure dew point: Water content: Relative humidity: “Summer operation” PDP + 3 °C Conditions as per ISO 7183 Option A Compressed air temperature: Pressure dew point: Water content: Relative humidity: Downstream from refrigeration dryer “Summer” “Winter” Compressed air temperature: Pressure dew point: Water content: Relative humidity:

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Hybritec Combination Dryer - 7

Equipment Refrigeration dryer system Control cabinet with energy-saving control For all refrigeration dryers: • Air/air and air/refrigerant plate heat exchanger and condensate separa tion system made from stainless steel. • According to model, at least 2 ECO DRAIN electronic condensate drains. • Integrated FE microfilter installed at the coldest point. • All cold system components insulated. • Insulated bypass with shut-off valve for “Summer / Winter operation”. • Powder-coated enclosure panels. • All materials used are CFC-free. DTG to DTI series • Energy saving scroll refrigerant...

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Hybritec Combination Dryer - 8

Technical specifications Modell Model DruckluftAir anschluss connection Mittlere effektive Gesamtleistungaufnahme 22) Average effective total power consumption Air-cooled luftgekühlt 3) Masse Mass KälteRefrigerant mittelcharge Füllmenge Hermetically Hermesealed tischer refrigerant Kältecircuit kreislauf Front view Rear view Left view Right view ISO 7183, Option A: Reference conditions 1 bar(a), 20 °C, rel. humidity 0% – Operation reference: Inlet pressure 7 bar(g), inlet temperature +35 °C, ambient temperature 20 °C, rel. ambient humidity 70 %, rel. humidity at dryer inlet 100 %, cooling...

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Hybritec Combination Dryer - 9

As one of the world’s largest compressed air systems providers and compressor manufacturers, KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is represented throughout the world by a comprehensive network of branches, subsidiary companies and authorised partners in over 100 countries. With innovative products and services, KAESER KOMPRESSOREN’s experienced consultants and engineers help customers to enhance their competitive edge by working in close partnership to develop progressive system concepts that continuously push the boundaries of performance and compressed air efficiency. Moreover, the decades of knowledge...

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