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Desiccant dryers, heatless regenerated DC 12 - DC 1545 Series From frost protection to high-tech applications Flow rate 1.17 to 154.53 m³/min; Pressure 5 to 16 bar

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Desiccant dryers DC 12-1545 - 2

From frost protection to high-tech applications Desiccant dryers in the DC series can lower the pressure dew point of the compressed air to -70 °C. They combine reliable system design, high energy efficiency and extremely low maintenance costs. Enjoy dependable frost protection for your control valves and lines while producing dry compressed air for sensitive processes at minimal cost. High efficiency – low pressure dew points DC dryers feature high-quality components, water-resistant high-performance desiccants and generous fill levels. The ECO CONTROL BASIC, supplied as standard, monitors...

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Desiccant dryers DC 12-1545 - 3

Image: DC 133E - 13.33 m³/min ECO CONTROL 2 dew point trend recognition control

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Desiccant dryers DC 12-1545 - 4

Image: DC 133 with highquality oil/water separators at the compressed air inlet and purge air outlet

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Desiccant dryers DC 12-1545 - 5

Reliable and compact Desiccant dryers are often selected for sensitive applications requiring maximum compressed air availability. To ensure the necessary reliability, DC desiccant dryers are therefore built with top-quality materials and components. Long-lasting desiccant tanks Long-lasting desiccant In accordance with the AD regulations, the desiccant tanks are rated for a million load cycles at a 10 bar pressure differential and thus for continuous operation of at least 10 years. Internal stainless steel flow diffusers and corrosion-resistant exterior surfaces contribute to outstanding...

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Desiccant dryers DC 12-1545 - 6

Low-maintenance design KAESER understands customers' needs, as the company itself operates various compressed air stations. From first hand experience, we are well-versed in all aspects of compressed air station planning, implementation, operation and maintenance. We draw on this expertise to create user-friendly and low-maintenance products. years 5 enan maint enanc maint Valve Butterfly valve Long desiccant service life Thanks to the premium quality and excellent crush strength of the desiccant material, combined with the generous fill-volume, we can guarantee an outstanding five-year...

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Desiccant dryers DC 12-1545 - 7

Aluminium shuttle valve and moisture indicator (with separate non-return flaps from size DC 169). The valve technology permits the inflow of dried compressed air for regeneration when the system is shut down – with no need for a return air line!

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Desiccant dryers DC 12-1545 - 8

Image: DC 133E with ECO CONTROL 2 and pressure gauges -user-friendly layout of control elements

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Desiccant dryers DC 12-1545 - 9

High efficiency - low pressure dew points Achieving pressure dew points below 0 °C is always a challenge. That makes it even more important to draw on our decades of experience in the design of our DC desiccant dryers and use high-quality components throughout. This ensures outstanding energy efficiency across the entire performance range. Long desiccant tanks The radially mounted piping provides a compact system design with a maximum tank length. This maximises the duration of contact between the compressed air and the desiccant, thus ensuring optimal use of the desiccant capacity. It also...

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Desiccant dryers DC 12-1545 - 12

(3) Compressed air inlet valve (4) Desiccant tank with desiccant (6) Compressed air check valve (7) Purge air adjustment valve (11) Purge air discharge valve Desiccant: activated aluminium oxide The DC series uses only activated aluminium oxide - a highly crush-resistant material with excellent mechanical stability that requires minimal regeneration energy. Compared with molecular sieve dryers, for example, DC series dryers typically require up to 20% less purge air to maintain a pressure dew point of -40 °C. In addition, only top-quality desiccants are used, consisting of uniform beads...

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Desiccant dryers DC 12-1545 - 13

High efficiency – low pressure dew points The ECO CONTROL 2 saves considerable energy especially with variable flow rates, pressures or temperatures. The dew point trend recognition control is more cost-effective and secure than conventional dew point controllers since it reacts to changes in the desiccant temperature differential instead of responding only when the pressure dew point at the dryer outlet increases. New measurements and relative temperature difference comparisons are carried out for each new cycle. Since tank switchover occurs only when the desiccant is used to its full...

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Desiccant dryers DC 12-1545 - 14

Stop wasting energy! Heatless regenerating desiccant dryers should always be sized for maximum compressed air flow, the highest possible inlet temperature and minimal operating pressure. This ensures that the desired pressure dew point is maintained across the entire operating range of the compressed air station. Under real-world conditions, however, compressed air needs, ambient temperatures and network pressure will deviate from the originally specified parameters. The ECO CONTROL 2 dew point trend recognition control responds automatically to these variations and adjusts the dryer’s...

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Desiccant dryers DC 12-1545 - 16

Dew point trend recognition control Valve control Switching sequence monitoring ECO CONTROL 2 controls and monitors the valve switching sequence. The correct sequence can also be checked in a manual testing mode. Saving energy with trend recognition For pressure dew points down to -40 °C, maintenance-free temperature sensors monitor the moisture content of the desiccant. The system switches to the purge tank, before the pressure dew point at the dryer outlet rises, only after optimal utilisation of the desiccant, but within 30 minutes. This minimises the need for purge air. Expansion...

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Desiccant dryers DC 12-1545 - 17

Network connection Flow diagram The path to the SIGMA NETWORK ECO CONTROL 2 is equipped as standard with the Modbus TCP communications module. This permits communication with SIGMA AIR MANAGER 4.0. The drying process visualised Units feature an easy-to-read display panel with visual system overview and LEDs on the pressure switch, valve, and tank icons to provide clear, precise information regarding operational and servicing status. Simple updates The USB port makes it very easy to update the control software. Floating contacts The hotline Plain text display Speaks your language The...

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