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Boosters series DN C - 1

Boosters DN C (SFC) Series Flow rate 2.9 to 19.6 m³/min – Rated motor power 22 to 45 kW Initial pressure 3 to 13 bar – Final pressure 10 to 45 bar www.kaeser.c

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Boosters series DN C - 2

Boosters Powerful, compact and quiet, DN C boosters from KAESER deliver uncompromising performance, dependability and energy efficiency. These innovative complete systems come into their own when, due to technical reasons, specific points in a production process require compressed air at a higher pressure than that supplied by the main compressed air network. Completely redesigned with a new layout, these compact machines quite literally offer everything you need: they not only provide optimised cooling air flow, but also excellent maintenance and service access. SFC versions feature a...

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Boosters series DN C - 5

Designed for boosters Based on industrial PC technology, the SIGMA CONTROL 2 compressor controller utilises software developed specifically for use with boosters, in order to assure maximum dependability and efficiency at all times. Furthermore, this internal machine controller provides new, multiple monitoring and control options with an assortment of interfaces and is fully compatible with the SIGMA AIR MANAGER 4.0 master controller. Operating data storage and web server Intelligent and dependable control The SIGMA CONTROL 2 stores up to 1000 messages in its event history and retains...

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Boosters series DN C - 6

Simply service-friendly Compressed air aftercooler The unvented compressed air aftercooler ensures short switching cycles in partial load operation, thereby saving energy. Furthermore, the generously dimensioned aluminium cooling surfaces reduce compressed air discharge temperatures to near ambient. Service-friendly Just like the air filters, which are changed from the front of the unit, all other maintenance parts are easily accessible. Time-saving features such as these streamline and accelerate maintenance and service work, which translates into lower operating costs and increased...

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Boosters series DN C - 7

Comprehensive sensors E-motors with external lubrication The comprehensive array of sensors and switching contacts for monitoring pressures, temperatures, oil pressure and oil level ensures reliable operation of the booster and – thanks to the SIGMA CONTROL 2 – enables remote monitoring and visualisation of operating status and all recorded data. Lubrication of electric motors must be performed whilst the machine is still running. This poses no problem for DN series boosters, since service personnel can easily perform this task safely from the outside of the machine. This applies both to...

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Boosters series DN C - 8

Optional equipment Every DN C SFC series booster can be precisely tailored to meet exact operational needs. This means that DN C series boosters can be specially equipped for any application – whether it be PET bottle production, process air applications, nitrogen compression or the provision of high pressure for testing facilities. Nitrogen compression DN C boosters for nitrogen (N2) compression are sealed to prevent outside air penetration and are fitted with additional sensors. Effective pressure reduction at idle helps to save energy, whilst ensuring high-quality nitrogen. Thanks to the...

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Boosters series DN C - 10

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Boosters series DN C - 11

Heat recovery A master class in energy savings As self-contained complete systems, boosters are particularly well suited for heat recovery systems. Direct use of the recyclable heat via an exhaust air ducting system enables up to 96 percent of the total energy input to be recovered and used for heating purposes. A company’s costs for “conventional” space and water-heating can be reduced significantly by recovering and utilising exhaust heat from the compressor. Heat recovery pays off Direct heat recovery Amazingly, 100% of the electrical drive energy supplied to a compressor is converted...

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Boosters series DN C - 12

Compressed air stations with boosters Optimally adapted, holistic solutions Compressed air supply systems capable of delivering energy efficiency and reliability over the long term are far more than the sum of their compressors and compressed air treatment components. Only a true system provider is able to make the whole greater than the individual parts, by effectively ensuring harmonious coordination of all components, precisely tailored to a user’s individual requirements. Whether for low or high-pressure applications, KAESER KOMPRESSOREN’s compressed air experts draw on decades of...

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Boosters series DN C - 13

Specially designed for high air demand Our largest compressor block, the DN 37 C XL, is the perfect choice for applications with high air demand up to 25 bar. This model delivers the highest possible flow rate available for this product series.

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Boosters series DN C - 14

Clever temperature management Optimised cooling air flow DN C boosters feature separate cooling air flows for the compressor block, drive motor and control cabinet, which are drawn in through openings in the right-hand side of the enclosure. Once they have been used for cooling, the separate air flows are combined and then discharged upwards through the exhaust air outlet in the top of the enclosure. ▬ Cooling air inlet: Aftercooler and compressor cooling This clever design reliably prevents cool inlet air from mixing with warm exhaust air – for enhanced efficiency. Thermal overload is...

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Boosters series DN C - 15

Turnkey modules The new all-in-one solution DN series boosters are delivered as complete turnkey systems, precisely matched to the upstream compressor. Thanks to the SIGMA CONTROL 2 controller, they are ready for connection and self-monitoring – a huge advantage for keeping installation time and costs to a minimum. KAESER is therefore the first manufacturer in the booster sector to offer such user-friendly complete solutions, all neatly contained within a single compact enclosure. Fan with high residual thrust SIGMA CONTROL 2 controller Efficient cooler Integrated sensors Compact design...

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