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Boosters N Series - 1

Boosters N Series Initial pressure up to 13 bar - Final pressure up to 45 bar Flow rate 0.27 - 20.51 m3/min

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Boosters N Series - 2

Why boosters? The ability to offer compressed air at various pressures makes it one of the most versatile energy sources available. Special applications require specifically tailored solutions in order to achieve optimum efficiency. Boosters are ideal for applications such as PET container production for example, where compressed air is required at a higher pressure than the standard works or control air at particular points in the manufacturing process. In these cases, it is more economical to use the existing works air and boost it to the higher pressure with a small local compressor,...

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Boosters N Series - 3

Versatile range For lower demand The smaller models in this range are best suited to applications where low flow rates are needed at pressures up to 40 bar. These compressors are equipped with one- or two-cylinder compressor blocks and are driven by high efficiency motors with up to 4 kW capacity. The quality of these units is second to none as all compressor blocks are designed, manufactured and assembled by KAESER. N series: Setting the standard Optimum lubrication Investment costs Maintenance costs Equipped with an oil pump and oil filters, the new continuous oil filtration system available...

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Boosters N Series - 5

Q Compressed air supply from the low-pressure network; required compressed air quality at booster inlet ED ED ED as per ISO 8573-1, otherwise a centrifugal water separator or air receiver with FC prefilter necessary (particle separation >1 pm, remaining oil content <1mg/m3) Q For condensate separation and pulsation attenuation *) At reference conditions 20 °C, 1 bar(a), 0% humidity LGAHI/InterCert Certified QM/EM System ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 14001:2004 V / KAESER KOMPRESSOREN SE P.O. Box 2143 - 96410 Coburg - GERMANY - Tel +49 9561 640-0 e-mail: - Fax +49...

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