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Air receivers KAESER: Your one-stop shop In fulfilling their storage and buffer functions, air receivers play a key role within a compressed air station: they provide capacity during periods of peak demand and are often used to separate condensate from the compressed air. It is therefore important for receivers to be correctly sized for the specific system and to be resistant against corrosion; inspection intervals should also be as long as possible. Needless to say, air receivers from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN meet all of these requirements and more. Comprehensive selection Perfectly matched...

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Vertical air receiver, hot-dip galvanised

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Air receivers Dependable, durable, reliable Inspection intervals up to five years Optimal corrosion resistance Meticulous design in accordance with AD 2000 regulations enables five year inspection cycles. This not only reduces service and maintenance costs, but also increases compressed air efficiency and availability. All KAESER air receivers are hot-dip galvanised both internally and externally in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461, which means they last approximately three times longer than conventional models. Excellent maintenance access Cleaning, maintenance and receiver inspection tasks...

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Technical specifications BehälterAir receiver volume volumen Zulässiger Max. permitted working Höchstpressure überdruck mögliche Available versions Ausführungen Litres Liter Vertical stehend Horizontal liegend Inlet/outlet Ein-/ Austrittsstutzen connections Inlet/outlet Ein-/ Austrittsstutzen connections Horizontal version liegende Ausführung Vertical version stehende Ausführung

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Complete connection sets Made-to-fit connection sets comprising: ball valve, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, drain tap, gaskets and associated smaller components. Shut-off valve Test flange Pressure gauge Pressure relief valve ECO-DRAIN complete sets Electronically controlled condensate drains ensure exceptional performance. Available as a complete set, includes attachments matched to air receiver.

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The world is our home As one of the world’s largest compressed air system providers and compressor manufacturers, KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is represented throughout the world by a comprehensive network of branches, subsidiary companies and authorised partners in over 100 countries. With innovative products and services, KAESER KOMPRESSOREN’s experienced consultants and engineers help customers to enhance their competitive edge by working in close partnership to develop progressive system concepts that continuously push the boundaries of performance and compressed air efficiency. Moreover, the...

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