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Intelligent Compressor Controller

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Integrated Intelligence Sigma Control 2™ is our most advanced compressor controller, combining safe and efficient internal supervision of the compressor with important information and maintenance friendly features. The operator interface offers easy access to all compressor settings and information. This new controller provides a broad range of capabilities and at the same time is simple and reliable. Protection For Your Equipment Our control provides full time protection for the compressor. It monitors over 20 critical parameters including airend discharge temperature, direction of...

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Multiple Operating Sigma Control 2 comes standard with pre-loaded control profiles. Select the one that best fits your operating needs: • Dual Control: Operates the com- pressor at full load and idle mode switch and a timer. Pressure band and timer values are preset to match system requirements. • Quadro Control: An improved version of Dual Control that includes an additional timer to effectively fine- tune the idle period and bypasses idle mode after periods of low air • Vario Control: Uses a smart timer to vary the idle time based on the frequency of motor starts, resulting in more energy...

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Advanced Communications Capabilities Superior System Sigma Control 2 comes ready for external communication with utility management and central control systems. A built-in web server is accessible via the standard Ethernet port and enables direct access to operational parameters from your net- work. You can remotely monitor the compressor from any computer via Intranet or Internet with any standard web browser without any additional software. Optional cellular modem also available for remote access. In addition, Profibus DP, Modbus RTU, DeviceNet, Profinet and other common industrial...

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Sigma Control Interface Sigma Control 2 features an easy to read plain-text display and durable input keys. All relevant information can be viewed by navigating the menu with a few simple key strokes, and you have 30 languages to choose from. Function Keys sor in automatic, self control sor from load to idle (and Load/Idle Indicator Green LED indicates whether Green LED indicates external timer mode is active Alarm Indicator compressor has shut down Communication Fault external communication Maintenance Indicator Main Power Indicator Green LED indicates there is control cabinet is...

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• Advanced processor hardware • Backlit 255 X 128 pixel graphical display with 8 lines, 30 characters membrane keys • Real-time clock with 10 year battery • Precision electronic pressure trans- • RFID reader for touchless security • All components designed for indus- trial operating conditions Data Recording • On-site diagnosis at a glance pressor status with up to 6 input/output modules cations with up to three frequency |~4~| Plug in Profibus DP, Modbus RTU, DeviceNet, Profinet or other commu- nication adapters |~5~| SD card slot for updates and data Optional Profibus adapter Standard SD...

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