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Industrial Rotary Screw Compressors

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A Philosophy Built-for-a-lifetime™ Meeting All Your Air System Needs Since revolutionizing the screw compressor design with the 5:6 asymmetrical Sigma Profile airend many years ago, Kaeser has continued to lead the industrial compressor industry with premium quality compressors. Kaeser offers the widest range of fluid injected rotary screw compressors all designed and built without deviating from core Kaeser principles of reliability, energy efficiency, and lowest cost of ownership. Add to that our expert system design, installation, and maintenance services and it’s clear why Kaeser is The...

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Today, Kaeser employs over 4,800 people and our growing distribution network provides reliable and sustainable compressed air system solutions in 100 nations throughout the world.

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State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Kaeser’s extensive manufacturing facilities in Coburg, Germany, cover over 25 acres. State-of-theart Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machining equipment and highly accurate lathe, milling, and grinding machines produce our proprietary airends, housings, and other components to very precise tolerances. The assembly facilities are carefully planned to produce large numbers of compressors in the most efficient and expedient manner. Continuous quality control Sigma Profile rotors are precisionmachined and finished to an accuracy of 1/1000 mm. The airend’s...

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Advanced machining centers State-of-the-art machining centers in climate-controlled rooms produce the Sigma Profile rotors and casings. These machining centers operate 24 hours a day to keep up with the demand for Kaeser premium quality compressors. Environmentally friendly powder coating system Comprehensive unit testing All Kaeser rotary screw compressors feature powder-coated enclosures. Our unique powder coating technique applies a super fine glaze to each individual enclosure panel. The panels are baked at 350°F for a corrosion-proof and scratchresistant finish. Once the manufacturing...

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Sigma Product Line Premium quality comes standard While others may offer premium features as an option, at Kaeser, we believe quality should never be just an option. Our approach to design is rooted in the German traditions of quality craftsmanship, exceptional reliability, and superior energy efficiency. From using fewer wearing parts, to smarter component layouts, to easy maintenance access, our complete line of rotary screw compressors is built for a lifetime™ of energy efficient operation. Sigma Profile™ airends Our single-stage, flooded rotary screw airend delivers pressures up to 217...

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Package Design Extremely low sound and vibration All models come standard with Kaeser’s superior cabinet that features complete metal enclosures with sound proofing liners and heavy-duty vibration isolation. As a result, our compressors are about 10 dB(A) quieter than conventional compressors of equal performance. Parallel cooling design Separate air inlet zones for the compressor coolers and drive motor ensure optimum cooling and performance. Drawing ambient air directly across the coolers and motor through separate zones eliminates preheating and results in longer lubricant life and a...

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SX-AS and SFC Belt Drive Compressors On our 3-25 hp compressors, we use a space saving v-belt drive design. Kaeser models include a unique automatic v-belt tensioner that maintains optimal efficiency and prolongs belt life. These models offer simple maintenance and the flexibility of changing working pressure with an easy field modification. y g g gp y

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Sigma Control™ Basic P 113 psi T 174°F 2 2999 h All of our belt drive units come standard with our integrated Sigma Control™ Basic controller. This simple and reliable interface offers convenient pressure control and system monitoring with status display and maintenance reminders. Displays include discharge pressure and temperature, load and service hours, as well as fault indicators. Sigma Control 2 is optional. See page 11 for more information on Sigma Control 2.

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ASD-HSD and SFC Direct Drive Compressors On larger units from 25 to 700 hp, we use only true direct drive, providing maximum power transfer and efficiency from motor to airend. Because we make more sizes of airends, we can run them at lower speeds than smaller, gear-driven units. This design has fewer components, eliminates heat and drive losses, and reduces maintenance and related downtime. One-to-One Direct Drive Airend RPM = Motor RPM

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Intelligent control and protection To protect your investment and ensure the most efficient operation possible, we control these compressors with our Sigma Control 2™. This intelligent controller comes standard with multiple pre-programmed control profiles so you can select the one that best fits your application. Monitoring and Maintenance: • Monitors more than 20 critical operating parameters • Shuts unit down to prevent damage • Signals if immediate service is required • Tracks preventive maintenance intervals and provides notice when PMs are due. • RFID sensor for secure access and...

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Sigma Frequency Control Unmatched performance Kaeser Sigma Frequency Control combines the latest in Siemens drive technology with our Sigma Profile airend and Sigma Control system. Our engineers have optimized the airend design to accommodate a wide flow range with unmatched efficiency. The drive motor and airend operate at low speeds, resulting in exceptional reliability and long life. Kaeser’s SFC units range from 8 to 515 kW and are incredibly quiet, with noise levels as low as 67 dB(A). SFC models from 8 to 132 kW are also available with integrated av dryers. Integrated System Design...

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Integrated Systems Premium compressed air quality Kaeser rotary screw compressors are also available in a variety of configurations. These package systems can be customized to suit your specific compressed air and air treatment needs. 50 hp compressor with integrated refrigerated air dryer. “T” Series While all Kaeser compressors are available as stand alone units, most models are also available with air treatment equipment built in. The “T” series rotary screw compressors feature integral refrigerated dryers with stainless steel, plate-type heat exchangers, moisture separators, and...

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