Omega Rotary Lobe Blower Catalogue - 20 Pages

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Omega Rotary Lobe Blower Catalogue

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Omega BB - HB Series Flow Capacities to: 5350 cfm Pressures up to 15 psig, vacuums to 15” Hg Rotary Lobe Blowers and Packages

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2 Today, Kaeser employs over 4,000 people and our growing distribution network provides air system solutions and service throughout the world. Kaeser has been designing and manufacturing superior industrial machinery since 1919. With over 90 years of manufacturing experience, we pride ourselves on upholding our traditions of quality and craftsmanship. Our reputation for reliability, energy efficiency, and excellent service has helped us grow into a global leader in blower and compressed air technology. A Family Tradition of Quality

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4 Advanced Blower Design All Omega blowers share a durable design that includes rigid casings, cast bearing supports, and onepiece rotors. The substantial casing construction and proprietary port design ensure smooth, quiet operation at all speeds. The precision machined, case-hardened, spur-type timing gears and oversized cylindrical roller bearings provide years of reliable service. Piston-ring seals ensure optimum internal sealing and oil-free air. Versatility Omega blowers can be mounted horizontally or vertically to suit the specific application. They are also available as complete...

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5 Heavy-duty bearings Large cylindrical roller bearings are designed to handle the widely varying radial forces. Operational life over 160,000 hours is typical. Piston-ring sealing Heat-treated, metal labyrinth seals on both air and oil side seals ensure performance and long life. They are low-wear, can withstand high differential pressures and are designed to be field repairable. The vented seal cavity ensures oil-free air delivery. Straight-cut gears Timing gears are case-hardened and precision ground to minimize vibration and mechanical noise. Straight-cut design prevents axial loading...

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6 Com-paK Plus™ Complete Blower Packages Compact design The Com-paK Plus™ is uniquely designed to minimize space requirements and reduce installation costs. All routine maintenance points are accessible from the front while all utility connections are located in the back. All pipe connections and cooling air apertures are located at the rear of the unit, which makes side-by-side installation possible. The fully-enclosed package design and proprietary Omega Plus tri-lobe blower design minimizes pulsation and noise. The Com-paK Plus is complete with premium efficiency TEFC motor, silencers,...

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7 Inlet silencer with integral filter Our silencers are designed for our blower noise frequencies. Absorptive material reduces pulsation noise and reusable polyester filter protects the blower from harmful particulates and minimizes pressure drop. Sensors A wide range of sensors and switches for monitoring pressure, temperature, speed, oil level and filters are available. These ensure dependable blower operation and enable remote monitoring and visualization of operational status. Instrumentation and controls Our standard instrumentation includes pressure/vacuum gauges, discharge...

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8 Complete, compact, and efficient Convenient access for all routine service — V-belt tension indicator — Filter inspection and change — Oil level inspection and oil changes

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9 Low life-cycle costs Kaeser blower packages provide the optimum mix of low life-cycle features. Our unique combination of a full scope of supply, simplified installation, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance reduce your engineering, contracting, electric and service costs in a package that outlasts the competition. Smooth, quiet operation Our three-lobe blower designs minimize air pulsation in connected piping and our silencers are designed for the frequency of our blowers. Noise emissions and vibration are absorbed by our superior quality cabinet built with solid steel framing and...

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10 HB Series Larger blower packages Our large flow HB packages feature many of the same advantages of our Com-paK Plus™ line with the exception of side-by-side installation. HB’s come complete with motor, silencers, and basic instrument panel and are easily integrated with external Omega Frequency Control and master system controls. They may also be equipped for outdoor installation. Optional Omega Frequency Contol (indoor only)

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11 Unloaded Starting The optional unloaded-start valve reduces in-rush current and pneumatic shock on all Omega blower packages. Cabinet design As with CompaK Plus models, the HB package is fully enclosed in our powder coated and insulated steel cabinet. Cooling air for the motor and cabinet is pulled in separately from process air, and a separate ventilation fans remove latent heat even when the main motor is off. Superior motors All Kaeser packages have premium efficiency TEFC motors. They are inverter ready for use with our Omega Frequency Control or other external frequency drive and...

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12 Corrosion resistant construction Vacuum booster (WVC Series) Used in combination with a primary stage pump, the Omega WVC significantly increases pump suction capacity and vacuum performance. Optional frequency converters enable simultaneous activation of rotary vacuum and backing pumps at atmospheric pressure to significantly reduce pumping time and increase efficiency. Steam Blowers (B Series) Flows to 2900 lbs./hr. Kaeser’s Omega B series blowers are specifically designed for compression of water vapor with vacuum operation in combination with water injection cooling. They feature...

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13 Vacuum blowers (PV Series) Flows to 4300 cfm at 23.5 inches Hg For use in vacuum ranges up to 27” Hg vacuum. Kaeser’s PV blowers have a unique design with pre-inlet injection cooling that is resistant to contamination in the air stream. Gas tight blowers (PG Series) Flows to 5350 cfm Pressures up to 15 psig For nitrogen and other gas conveying applications, Kaeser’s Omega PG blower is available up to 5350 scfm. Our single-envelope design can be configured into special packages with an input shaft sliding-ring seal. Low pressure air is trapped between the rotors and the casing at the...

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