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Hybritec Combination Dryer

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Hybritec Combination Dryer Flow rate 706 to 5295 scfm Compressed Air Dryer

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2 Low dew points with low costs If you need very low pressure dew points (such as -40°F), you are going to have a desiccant dryer. Whether it’s to prevent cold weather freezing in outdoor air lines or to protect sensitive equipment or processes, some form of desiccant dryer is your only option. Desiccant dryers produce very dry air but have high energy and maintenance costs, and may have dew point swings. What if there were a dryer that cost much less to operate and did not sacrifice performance? In fact, what if it actually was more reliable? The new Hybritec dryer from Kaeser is just...

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3 Hybritec Superior drying performance The Hybritec dryer produces a consistent outlet dew point and air temperature. There are no spikes at anytime during the drying or regeneration cycle. In fact, it will deliver outlet dew points exceeding the -40°F design when ambient conditions are less taxing than design conditions. The hybrid system achieves the following ISO 8573.1 classes: • Class 2 for moisture • Class 1 for solids/particulate* • Class 2 for hydrocarbon aerosols* *exceeds class standards Higher tolerance to high temperatures Hybritec dryers significantly outperform desiccant...

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4 How Hybritec functions 1 5 2 6 3 7 8 4 9 Compressed air (normally 100°F) enters the refrigerated dryer section through the air-to-air heat exchanger and temperature is reduced to about 70°F, condensing a significant amount of the water vapor. Some oil vapor may also be condensed here. The cold, saturated, oil-free and particle-free compressed air is now passed through a bed of desiccant where the dew point is reduced to -40°F. The mixture of 70°F saturated compressed air and liquid water then enters the air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger where the temperature is further reduced to about...

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5 Compressed air inlet Air-to-air exchanger* Air-to-refrigerant exchanger* Moisture separator with drain Cold coalescing filter* Desiccant dryer inlet (desiccant by-pass valves not shown) Desiccant towers Tower switching valves Blower Heater* Particulate filter* Purge air outlets Compressed air outlet * not visible in photograph Equipment design and features 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 10 7 11 10 12 12 11 12 13 13 Refrigerated dryer features • Stainless steel plate heat exchangers • Eco-Drain automatic electronic condensate drains • Cold coalescing KOR oil removal filters •...

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6 Cost comparisons Based on 8760 hours of operation at $0.10/kWh running desiccant dryer 7 months. For 2400 cfm, Hybritec’s total costs, including purchase are lower than other types of dessicant dryers after only 2 years. For 5300 cfm, Hybritec breaks even with other dryers in less than a year. Based on 8760 hours of operation at $0.10/kWh running desiccant dryer 7 months. Total cost of purchase, operation, and maintenance Annual operating and maintenance costs

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7 Maintenance and service advantages Use less desiccant Since the refrigeration component removes 85% of the moisture, Hybritec’s desiccant beds are smaller than a stand alone desiccant dryer sized for the same flow. For example, a 1500 scfm heated purge or blower purge dryer requires 2500 lb. of desiccant and a heatless dryer 2100 lb. By contrast, the Hybritec dryer needs only 1560 lb. of desiccant for the same flow. Consequently, the cost of desiccant replacement is much lower. Longer desiccant service (1) The desiccant beds in the Hybritec are heated and cooled half as often as other...

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