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Energy-efficient steam jet compressors.

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Thermocompressors Kadant steam jet thermocompressors are designed to recirculate steam or boost lower-pressure steam for reuse in a variety of process applications in pulp and paper, petrochemical, food processing, desalination, and specialty chemical production. How thermocompressors work Thermocompressors are designed to accurately mix lower-pressure steam with higher-pressure steam. The higher-pressure motive steam entrains the lowerpressure steam and increases its pressure. The motive steam is introduced through the nozzle of the thermocompressor. As the nozzle opens, the high velocity...

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High-efficiency thermocompressors In addition to retro-fitting existing steam jet compressors, Kadant also provides high-efficiency thermocompressors for improved energy utilisation. Based on extensive product development, modeling, testing, and field applications, Kadant’s high-efficiency thermocompressor offers entrainment ratio improvements of up to 25% over conventional steam jet compressors. Standard Unit High-Efficiency Unit Booster and recirculating applications Retrofit existing installations Match thermocompressor to syphons Maximise entrainment ratio Minimise motive steam use...

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Thermocompressor Sizing The following charts can be used to estimate the size of a thermocompressor. The size is based on the motive, suction, and discharge steam pressures and the required steam flow. The following parameters are used for these estimates: P = Atmospheric pressure (absolute) = 1 bar (typical) Pm = Motive steam pressure (absolute) = gauge pressure + atmospheric pressure Ps = Suction steam pressure (absolute) = gauge pressure + atmospheric pressure Pd = Discharge steam pressure (absolute) = gauge pressure + atmospheric pressure Mm = Motive steam flow rate Ms = Suction steam...

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