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KACO blueplanet XPU-H6 - 2 Pages

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KACO blueplanet XPU-H6

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KACO blueplanet XPU-H6 Performance High efficiency: Variable speed fans: Floating Point DSP: Variable structure PWM: Complex MPPT algorithm: Full digital control: grid-tied inverters Top efficiency - generate fast return on investment No unnecessary cooling - decrease internal power consumption & increase uptime Reduce total harmonic distortion and provide more accurate AC power control Reduce IGBT switching losses by up to 20% when compared to other PV inverters Dynamic MPPT accuracy during severe weather fluctuations Total transparency of inverter functions - faster reaction time and increased uptime Ease of installation Easy handling: Integrated DC recombiner: Pre-set parameters: Internal 24V power supply: Polycarbonate safety shields: Reverse polarity protection: Use a fork lift or crane the XP83 fits through most standard double doors Configure with multiple fused DC input options Save time and labor cost - one step configuration with TFT color touch screen Avoid extra cost of external power supplies for monitoring & accessories Protect installation crews from high current / high voltage bus bars & connectors Avoid potential damage to inverter caused by mis-wiring during installation Reliability History: Experience: Redundant power supplies: Power capacitors: Split architecture design: NEMA 3R enclosure: Surge protection (SPD): Modular IGBT stack: KACO has been manufacturing power electronics for more than 60 years More than 3 GW of inverters worth about $1.1 billion installed world wide Increase reliability and uptime - no single point of failure for fans and control boards Film capacitors are designed for the 20 years life of the inverter Power electronics are protected in a separate chamber Includes stainless steel option for coastal installations Remotely monitored SPDs on all AC & DC inputs for better preventative maintenance Power devices, gate drives, and other critical components are integrated into easy to swap building block for fast maintenance and increased reliability

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History: KACO has been manufacturing power electronics for more than 60 years. More than 3 GW (nearly $1.1 billion) of KACO brand inverters have been installed worldwide. Model number Input data (DC) DC operating range (MPP) Max. DC input voltage Nominal DC input current Output data (AC) Max. continuous output power Monitoring easyLink data interface: S0, RS232, RS485, Ethernet and analog & digital inputs & outputs are included 8GB SD card: Inverter stores up to 10 years of data on an easy to access standard SD card provided with every unit Graphical User Interface (GUI): User friendly...

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