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KABELMAT Wickeltechnik GmbH® based in Black Forest, Germany produces almost all devices and machines for the processing of cables, wires, steel cables, pipes, hoses, profiles and composite materials. Major customers includes well-known manufacturers, distributors, processors of cables and wires, fitters, electricians, engineering companies, car manufacturers and tubes and hoses manufacturers. ©KABELMAT Wickeltechnik GmbH 2018|V4.0|2018-11-20

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Foundation: • 1963 Location: • Glatten, Germany Market significance: • Kabelmat is a subsidiary of HELUKABEL GmbH and is one of the market leaders in the field of winding, measuring and storage technology for the cable and wire industry and many other sectors Business areas: • Machine winding technology as well as complete machine lines • Manual winding technology • Length measuring technology • Storage systems for cable drums, coils and rings Managing director: • Mr. Helmut Luksch, Managing director of HELUKABEL Group • Mr. Horst Schoch Distributors: • More than 48 worldwide sales branches...

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OUR SERVICES Kabelmat offers: • Project management • Overall planning and engineering • Manufacturing and final assembly • Manual winding systems • Measuring systems • Machine winding systems • Warehouse systems • Accessories • Customer specific solutions • Spare parts • Customer service and maintenance • Training and commissioning • Documentation

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WINDING TECHNOLOGY Manual winding systems Very easy-to-use hand winders improve daily operations and offers a huge reduction in workload. Modular construction systems and a wide range of products enables the right solution for a variety of applications. ©KABELMAT Wickeltechnik GmbH 2018 | V4.0, 20.11.2018

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WINDING TECHNOLOGY Mechanical winding systems Rational, cost-effective cutting, measuring and winding of cables and wires, steel cables, pipes, hoses and profiles requires powerful yet easy-touse machines. Modern control and drive technology from well-known German manufacturers are used at KABELMAT. ©KABELMAT Wickeltechnik GmbH 2018 | V4.0, 20.11.2018

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Besides safety, high speeds with optimum traction control is the most important feature of our machines. In addition to individual machines, we also offer perfectly matched integrated solutions. ©KABELMAT Wickeltechnik GmbH 2018 |V4.0|2018-11-20

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STORAGE TECHNOLOGY Storage systems for cable drums, coils and rings Cable drum racks or storage systems for cable rings and coils – KABELMAT ® provides order for your cable storage with its storage systems. In addition, there is also the possibility to pull-of directly with an unwinder. ©KABELMAT Wickeltechnik GmbH 2018 | V4.0, 20.11.201

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In many cases, cables and wires are needed on short-term and in an individual type and length. To meet these requirements, internal procedures will be accelerate by a combination of cutting and winding machines and an effum diesicient cable storage. ©KABELMAT Wickeltechnik GmbH 2018 |V4.0|2018-11-20

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MEASURING TECHNOLOGY Length measuring devices Our length measuring devices are available in different designs and sizes. The material diameter ranges from 1 mm to max. 100 mm. Flat material can also be measured. The length measuring devices can be used practically as single devices as well as in connection with our machines and manual devices. ©KABELMAT Wickeltechnik GmbH 2018|V4.0|2018-11-20

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CUTTING TECHNOLGY Manual, pneumatic and hydraulic cutters Whether manual, hydraulic or pneumatic cutters - our shears are the ideal supplement to winding machines, other machines and production lines. They allow a comfortable and safe cut of material. ©KABELMAT Wickeltechnik GmbH 2018|V4.0|2018-11-20

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AUTOMATION Improvement of production processes “The requirements on manufacturing companies rising increasingly. Effciency, cost saving and relief of employees are of increasing importance today. We offer a very high level of automation, which is incomparable with many systems from other providers.“ Manfred Wössner Sales Manger, Kabelmat ©KABELMAT Wickeltechnik GmbH 2018 | V4.0, 20.11.2

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AUTOMATION NOT ONLY FOR CABLE The scope of our products reaches far beyond cable and wire processing Whether cables, pipes, hoses, steel cables, wires, plastic profiles, etc. - Our devices and machines are designed for a huge variety of materials and therefore provides a wide range of applications. ©KABELMAT Wickeltechnik GmbH 2018|V4.0|2018-11-20

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SYSTEM SOLUTION Your application is in the foreground - we offer the right solution For certain tasks, modified modules from our standard assortment are not sufficient. In these cases, we create customised system solutions. ©KABELMAT Wickeltechnik GmbH 2018|V4.0|2018-11-20

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ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU Your sales partners Sales partners Mr. Manfred Wössner Sales Manager  Phone Ext -62 Mr. Marco Papenberg Area Sales Manager  Phone Ext -40 Ms. Katharina Schmidt Internal Sales  Phone Ext -88 Ms. Burcu Koluman Internal Sales  Phone Ext -65 ©KABELMAT Wickeltechnik GmbH 2018 | V4.0,

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Kabelmat Wickeltechnik GmbH Steinbuckelweg 25 72293 Glatten, Germany Phone: +49 7443/9670-0 Fax:    +49 7443/9670-39 kabelmat@kabelmat.com www.kabelmat.de ©KABELMAT Wickeltechnik GmbH 2018 |V4.0|2018-11-20

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